Ultimate Hearthstone Meta Decks: Saviors of Uldum

It’s been four months since the League of E.V.I.L. and Rise of Shadows were released into Hearthstone. Now, a new expansion has arrived to shake things up. How much can meta decks change from one simple Hearthstone expansion? The answer is the new cards, new effects, and the return of quests cards.

Look further no more. Here we will show you which are Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum ultimate, new, and altered meta decks.

What are the new meta decks?

  • Quest Paladin: Basing around the new “Reborn” mechanic, Quest Paladin can really make Paladin decks much more interesting. The new quest Saviors of Uldum card for paladin, “Making Mummies”, will unlock a new Hero Power that lets the player summon a 2/2 copy of any friendly minion. This can create a board full of Taunt minions for a constant wall for your opponent to break down each turn.
  • Highlander Hunter: Though you cannot have any duplicates, 7 secrets is more than enough to pull off a quality deck that summons King Krush on Turn 7 to deal tons of damage. This deck is a hybrid of beast hunter and spell hunter, both decks that truly pack a punch and very popular in the meta.  
  • Quest Priest: Priests are known as the class that can heal the most often and their new quest runs on exactly that. By restoring 15 health, Activate the Obelisk turns your hero power into a 3 health restoring that also gives the targeted minion +3/+3.  Using cards that damage your own minions can quickly complete this quest and allow your minions to become incredibly buffed. The faster you can heal your minions, the faster you can take out your opponent.
  • Quest Shaman: Love using Battlecry minions? The completing new Shaman quest allows your battlecry effects to go off twice! Using a deck of elementals and lackeys, you can control the board with a multitude of battlecry effects. Shudderwock is a great addition for even more chaos to ensue. The downside is that it’s not as controlling or fast as other Shaman decks.

Which Hearthstone meta decks have been altered?

  • Token Druid: This expansion included many new Druid cards that related to ending your turns with unspent mana. By doing this, the new Druid quest will allow the player to use both effects of a “Choose one” spell. This hasn’t been possible after the Fandral Staghelm card went into Wild mode. With this new hero power, it’s even easier to buff your minions and clear your opponent’s board.
  • Zoo Warlock: Everyone knows that Zoo Warlock is a mishmash of all different types of minions. Saviors of Uldum makes this deck archetype truly focus on taking a lot of damage and the lackey mechanic. Sinister Deal and EVIL Recruiter make it easier to get lackeys onto the board and turn them into something even better. Zoo Warlock has made countless changes as expansions come and go, and this new expansion adds more minions to join the zoo.

How Much Will The Meta Change?

There are many other theory crafted decks that have been created by hearthstone players, and since the new expansion is so new, there’s no definite answer to what will indeed be considered as a new meta deck. This new expansion is not a life-changing addition to Hearthstone meta decks so far, but currently, it seems like the new quest can spice up Year of the Dragon.

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