Tips and Tricks to Win Fortnite Battle Royal Solo Mode

Winning a Fortnite Battle Royale game has never been simple, so we’ve arranged a guide to help you win these games! These tips and tricks have helped many of us trying to be the last standing on the map. Of course, the relevance of these tips and tricks really depend on the new upcoming seasons of Fortnite. If you have played numerous hours on H1Z1 or PUBG, you obviously know that the main goal is always to stay alive whatever the means.

Here is our manual to help you ace your Fortnite games. We believe it will enable you to win as many games as possible! Note that this guide is just for players playing solo in the game. 

Tips and tricks to move successfully 

When jumping from the bus, we encourage you to set your parachute from 20 ° to 30 ° to go down quicker. Your line of vision should be turned towards the ground. It is possible to open your parachute late by flying over the water.

The game considers an automatic opening depending on your distance from the ground. Starting with these early strategies will increase your chance of winning.

You can go toward any path to make tracks in an opposite direction from the focal point of the game.

Be careful if you sprint! For sure, when you run, your character leaves a trail him behind him, noticeable to all. Also, the noise of your movements is at its peak during the sprint. 

On the other hand, if you move gradually on the ground, the noise will be exceptionally little, hence supporting sneak assaults. 

Raised areas and tall structures give you an advantage, both for watching and shooting. Attempt to climb stairs to move as quickly as possible, while crushing some of your building a short time later. 

Watch for falls as you will experience the damage from tumbling from above. Use your capacity to assemble and place objects in order to leave a building or to descend quickly from a high point without taking falling damage. 

Cover yourself with the bushes, they are more helpful than the constructions which are typically traps. These constructions can close on you if your rival has explosives or enough ammo to wreck your walls remotely. 

Strategies for the loots 

There is no better spot to loot, each house on the map can host an interesting artifact. Be cautious, however, to the chests, which make a noise when you open them. In most homes, you can discover ammo crates. These are frequently missed by players since they are not obvious at first look (dark green boxes and usually quite small …).

Note that in the event that you play as a group, you can give ammo or bandages by putting them on the ground. 

Strategies to ace the pickaxe 

For those familiar with PUBG/H1Z1, the beginning pick just achieves 11 damage for each hit. In light of current circumstances, it will be hard to rapidly eliminate a rival. Avoid conflict without a firearm, you are no longer on your previous Battle Royale where a frying pan can do the trick.

To loot just ammunition, equip your pick. This enables you to quickly recover the ammunition without compelling you to loot the weapons (and thusly weapon switch each loot). 

Point the blue circle with the pickaxe to crush more rapidly the elements of the scenery. Some objects can be destroyed all at once (most of the seats, garage doors, wooden wall ..) and bring in resources. 

Keep in mind that you can destroy everything with your pick (yet additionally with your weapons, projectiles, and rockets). No adversary is really sheltered from your attacks! 

How to take out the rivals? 

A Battle Royale implies both surviving and realizing how to take out rivals. Keep in mind that unlike other Battle Royale modes, it’s more complicated to look behind. you can easily surprise an opponent from behind.


They show up in different characteristics, orange (the best yet the rarest) to white. 

Clearly, the better the nature of the weapon, the better its precision and harm. Be that as it may, don’t disregard your first weapon! A white gun will be better than your pick in most situations. 

Although this is a style of play that many do not like in Battle Royale games, jumping during melee battle will give you favorable position, particularly with a shotgun. 

In order to gain precision, remain on the ground without moving. On the other hand, in the event that you move, the precision of your shots will be diminished. 

Do not waste your ammunition with long shots (except the sniper rifle of course). Most of the time you miss your objective, and it is likely that someone will identify your position following these shots. 

Only the bullets of the sniper rifle have a travel time and suffer the effects of gravity “bullet drop”. This will impact your aim.


Be cautious however because these objects are very uncommon! Never surrender a pack of explosives as they can be helpful amid the game. 

Indeed, they represent a very effective solution against campers! Somebody is stowing away in a structure? Utilize your explosives (projectiles, rockets …) to obliterate the structure. The higher the spot, the more excruciating will be the fall for your adversary. 

You can even utilize the rocket launcher to slaughter dueling rivals close by shooting at the ground behind them. Contingent upon your position, you may likewise take harm, however, your adversary will be slaughtered immediately. Positions giving you a shield are especially compelling in this sort of circumstance. 

The traps

Traps are especially helpful on Fortnite, particularly to ensure your back. If you opt for a more passive game, try to recover the different types of traps (on the ground, on the walls) so as to cover you. 

The storm (the gas) 

Try to progress at the same time as him and anticipate his movements. This avoids being caught inside. Most importantly, there is a minimal possibility that a rival is behind you when you pursue the progress of the storm. 

If you take damage, you won’t most likely loot (you need to hold on to get harm from the territory and after that loot) however you can recuperate yourself. Note that mixtures with a shield don’t insure against harm in the region. 

Our manual for rule Battle Royale Fortnite is finished! GG


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