Three Major Fortnite Updates after Patch 8.30

#1 Update: Vans and Respawn Cards

You will be able to resurrect your allies from patch 8.30 thanks to the recovery Vans scattered everywhere in Fortnite!

A new bus will show up in Fortnite, and it’s anything but a bus flying this time! Epic Games has chosen to import a component from Apex Legends: resurrection of allies. Without a doubt, you will be able to bring back to life your allies by recovering a card of resuscitation present on the corpse of your allies. Once this card is in hand, go to a respawn van and your ally will reappear!

Recuperation vans have been added to every single significant point of interest on the map.

When a team member is eliminated, he drops a recovery card that can be grabbed by other team members.

  • When a team member is eliminated, he drops a recovery card that can be grabbed by other team members.
  • Respawn cards and vans are disabled solo, in the large team temporary modes and in all modes in which respawn is enabled.
  • Respawn maps persevere for 90 sec subsequent to tumbling to the ground.
  • Pickup time: 0.5 s.
  • By bringing recuperation cards to a respawn van, all partners whose cards have been gathered will be taken back to the front line.
  • Respawn cards can be made to a respawn van by any individual from the group, regardless of who picked them up.
  • Interaction duration: 10 s.

Respawn vans have a recovery time. They are inaccessible for 120 seconds after use.

  • Revived team individuals return with:
  • 100 PV
  • 1 typical scare gun
  • 36 light ammo
  • 100 units of wood

#2 Update: New Bomb Coming

A Shadow Bomb will arrive on Fortnite, thus hiding in a large screen of smoke! Similar to Smoke Grenade, this new bomb should arrive during a content update for patch 8.30 or patch 8.40. Discovered in the game files for the challenges of week 8, the object should arrive next week, on April 16 or 17!

If we do not know yet how this new weapon will work, its name suggests that it will operate similar to a Smoke Grenade, creating a smokescreen behind which the player can hide to undertake a strategic retreat or Blind his opponent to take the ascendancy.

We will have to wait a while before we can discover this new object, but we will keep you informed of any new developments concerning it as soon as we can.

#3 Update: Buccaneer’s Booty event

The Buccaneer’s Booty event lands on Fortnite, bringing new modes of temporary play, but also unique challenges to complete! In addition to marking the arrival of vans and recovery cards, patch 8.30 also introduces a new event that will allow players to complete challenges to obtain exclusive rewards. During this period, the temporary game modes will be highlighted.

A different temporary mode appears every day from April 10th to 15th.

Play and complete free challenges to receive in-game rewards.

Increase in the rate of appearance of the treasure cards during the duration of the event:

  • Ground Drop: Increased availability from 0.25% to 0.5%.
  • Chests: increased availability from 1.55% to 3.05%

For the moment, the maintenance of the game being in progress, we do not know what will be the event, nor even what will be the challenges to be completed during the next 5 days. We will keep you informed as soon as we learn more about it.


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