Room for Improvement: Stay Motivated


Esports have risen to greater heights than most people thought ever thought possible for something that started as a niche market. From professional streamers to tournament winners, eSports have transformed gaming from a mere hobby to a potential career choice. Those who wish to rise to the top of the eSports ladder have to develop a routine and sink a lot of time into improving their skills. Stay motivated.

Competitive gaming is just like any other form of competition in that it requires commitment, persistence, and practice. Getting complacent will see even the best players fall off the ladder, starting at the bottom once more.

However, the constant chipping away at the mountain to get to the summit leaves climbers exhausted and often bored, particularly when difficult obstacles (other players) get in the way to halt progress. Staying motivated is often a dubious proposition at best, but there are methods to help rejuvenate that dwindling impetus.

Discover New Skills

The skills one trains up from the onset of their eSports journey are the core of their abilities throughout the entirety of their careers. Proper aim, reflexes, situational awareness, and understanding a specific game’s mechanics are just some of the skills required to do well in any game’s competitive scene.

Those abilities notwithstanding, there’s a limit to just how good one can get (though, consistent practice ensures one’s skill with those talents doesn’t deteriorate) when implementing those techniques. Once those skills have been mastered, training, and even competitions, can become stale—especially when one feels they have plateaued.

At that point, it may be time to think outside the box and discover some new skills to acquire in an effort to keep things fresh and enhance one’s abilities. For example, learning better ways to communicate with one’s team can be the difference between winning and losing. Cohesive groups have a better chance of winning than teeams that are less synergistic.

Communication allows one to use their team to set up opponents. Thus, the player’s communication skills have helped them figure out a way to trap opponents sooo that they may utilize their normal talents in a different way.

Think outside the box; figure out how to take an innocuous skill and combine it with others to create a unique, well-rounded arsenal. Keep it interesting. Stay motivated.


One of the biggest reasons people fail at anything they do, whether it’s competitive gaming, professional writing, or more traditional career choices, is that they lose sight of why they began walking that path in the first place. As the old saying goes, “Keep your eye on the prize.” A cliché to be sure, but a cliché for a reason.

Losing sight of why one started pursuing a career in eSports is a surefire way to sap one’s motivation. Always remember the goal: To be the best and to make a living. Playing games isn’t exactly a lucrative profession if one isn’t winning tournaments or obtaining sponsorships (usually both).

So, unless one plans on working for a game developer or publisher, remaining focused on the endgame is necessary. Stay motivated.

Ignore the Naysayers

Untraditional career paths have always been the subjects of criticism. Dedicated authors, artists, and basically any creative field receives almost nothing but unsolicited opinions from those who either don’t possess the skills neecessary to pursue a similar path, or those who just don’t understand (Will Smith is watching, parents).

It takes passion, knowledge, and courage to commit to a career that isn’t known for big payouts (unless one hits it really big), but all the more reason to not let the naysayers influence one’s decision. The journey is going to be arduous enough without people being unconvinced about one’s chances of success; don’t leeet them win. Be persistent. Stay motivated.

Always Set Goals

Every time a goal is accomplished, a new one should replace it. Continuing weithout a goal causes one to become a wanderer, to have no destination. Eventually, that wanderlust leads to stagnation, making it more and more difficult to progress, become the best, and get that big payout. No goals mean the naysayers might win, and naysayers should never win. Ever.

Goals don’t have to be overly ambitious. Both long-term and short-term goals are acceptable when it comes to improving one’s eSports career. Short-term goals can be as simple as playing a couple of matches and refusing to stop until one’s kill-death ratio is a certain number or better, whereas long-term goals can be faaar more complex (million-dollar grand prize, anybody?).

So, set goals within your ambition and based on why you chose to pursue a career in eSports (or any other profession) from the beginning. Goals are the incremental steps necessary to reach the top of the ladder, and each time one is accomplished, one gains a little bit of pride and confidence in their capabilities. Stay motivated.


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