Is Gaming Hardware a Barrier or a Necessity?

From controllers and computers to chairs and recording devices there’s a lot that can go in a competitive gamer’s setup. But is it all really Necessary? I say not entirely. To some extent, there are a few things that one should probably have to make, but there’s no real need to feel intimidated from breaking into the scene if you can’t possibly build a $5,000 setup. 

a lot of people think that to have a decent set up you’ll have to spend at least a few thousand dollars, but I’ve played on much less than that. You can bring costs down by going to second hand stores for certain things, like Tv’s, monitors, and chairs; or get hand-me-downs from family members and friends. 

The Necessities

Is Gaming Hardware a Barrier or a Necessity?

Obviously, to break into the competitive gaming scene, you’ll need some sort of gaming system. Since release, the newest generation of consoles have come down to about $200-$300 each. The next thing you’ll need is a controller. However, the next generation of console is suggested to release around the year 2020. The price of the next generation of console has been a hot topic of discussion with some of the highest predictions being around $800. So, if you’ve been extremely late of buying the current generation of consoles, I would just save your money and wait for the next generation. 

The second thing you’re going to need is a controller. When you buy a console brand new, it always comes with a factory controller. However, all consoles release different types of controllers that sometimes add quick buttons and are set for better hand comfortability. Some people praise these controllers for bettering themselves at games, I don’t find that much of a difference between them and can pretty much play anything, and my skill level stays the same.

The only difference I see when playing on different controllers is if they’re hardwired or not because hardwired controllers often shorten latency. The exception here is with the Nintendo switch. Pretty much everyone I have talked to or have watched on YouTube that plays a game on the switch competitively buys some alternate controller. 

The third biggest thing that you’ll need to complete your setup I’m almost reluctant to propose but will anyway. You’re going to need a computer. I’m not suggesting that you go out and build some $800-$2000 gaming monster. But I believe that to have an efficient, competitive gaming career you’re going to have to start with at the very least some small and cheap laptop. Having a small laptop makes it easier to navigate the websites to set up matches and look at your current rankings in leagues and competitive towers.

As a whole, a real barebones competitive gaming set up can cost you around $500 if you shop around.

Things that you won’t really need

Is Gaming Hardware a Barrier or a Necessity?

There’s a lot that some of the higher-ups in competitive gaming have that you might see, but I promise you don’t need it. The number one object guilty of this crime I see is the chair. The average DxRacer gaming chair costs around $400, there’s absolutely no reason to buy one of these, you could put that $400 in too many better things for your set up. I see it all the time I honestly, it’s my biggest pet peeve. You need a chair, but there’s no real reason that you need a $400 chair. You can get a standard office chair for ¼ of the price.

The next big thing on the list of things you don’t really need to buy is a recording device. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t record your matches and highlights is an important, but if you don’t have a computer that can’t exactly handle a game capture device, you’re not really going to have a whole lot of use from it. Nowadays, some games include their own match theater where you can go back and look at previous matches, so if you’re looking to better yourself by watching your own games. If you’re looking to record game highlights to post online, most consoles themselves have a recording feature. They may not look the best, but they’re a start if you’re trying to put together a highlight tape together. 

So really, I don’t think you need a whole lot of hardware to start out you’re competitive gaming career, and if you start making money from playing matches, you can always put that money to bettering your setup for things like comfortability and usability. But to really have some sort of efficient type of setup you’ll really only need to spend a few hundred dollars. 


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