Gaming Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Everybody loves a good accessory. An outfit isn’t complete without the right pair of earrings and a suit not without the right tie. It’s true, we love our accessories in all aspects of our lives, especially if you’re a gamer. eSports players use a variety of accessories to enhance their gameplay or to bring a better level of comfort to seemingly endless grinding and practice. Maybe your preferred gaming accessories are as simple as better thumb grips for your controller. Or perhaps it’s a new PC case with super cool lighting (we see you). The point is, gamers need and want gaming accessories to enhance their experience.

If you’re looking for the right gaming accessories to build out your setup or enhance your experience, Gamercraft is here to help. We’ve done some digging through online product pages and pieced together a guide on gaming accessories shopping tips along with some products that we recommend you spend your hard-earned money on. Fill your shopping carts and have your credit card at the ready!

How to Shop for Gaming Accessories Like a Pro

Whether you’re a new or seasoned gamer, you’ve likely browsed webpage after webpage looking for the best gaming accessories to spend your money on. There are so many out there, and it can be confusing as to which you should pull the trigger. We at Gamercraft have been in your shoes, and we have some essential tips you should follow if you plan on running up your credit card with gaming accessories.

Prioritize Your Gaming Needs

There exist gaming accessories for virtually every need and want. You can buy a new mouse for your gaming PC, or new lighting for your PC’s case, or a new controller for your PS4. Before you start going spending crazy, think about what you need as a gamer.

Does your keyboard feel uncomfortable when you play? Is your mouse tracking speed a tad slow? Do you want something cool to design your game system with? Think about what you need to improve your gaming experience and purchase the gaming accessories that will help most.

Get Your Budget in Order

Let’s be real, you need to keep your finances in order. Before you start shopping for gaming accessories, keep a budget in mind. This should keep you from overspending and buying unnecessary items.

Do Your Research

Those gaming accessories you’re about to purchase, did you research them to make sure they were worth your money? If you’re going for a big-ticket item like a new monitor for your PC, you’re going to want to make sure it refreshes at the rate you want it to, has little to no input lag, and can display the resolution you want it to. Even a gaming accessory as small as a headphone hook for your desk should be researched for quality before you buy.

Our Picks for Great Gaming Accessories

If you game on a PC, you’ll probably like these gaming accessories:

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

Gaming Accessories You Can’t Live Without

You need a desk to game on a PC. You just do. The Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk is our pick because of it’s maximum use of space and simple aesthetic. This desk uses attachable baskets for a completely ergonomic experience (you can even attach a basket to hold a soda if you need gamer fuel).

HyperX Cloud Flight Headphones

Gaming Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Gaming on a PC leads to a mess of cords, and these headphones will give you one less cord-related headache. The HyperX Cloud Flight headphones are a necessity on your gaming accessories list if you’re looking for a streamlined way to get the best sound from your games. They’re fully wireless and have a 30-hour battery life so you can game on as long as you want. The sound quality is stereo only (a bummer if you’re looking for surround sound), but a Dolby Access companion app will help if you want to balance the sound profile. This is a sturdy pair of headphones with a detachable noise-canceling microphone, and it’s compatible with your PS4.

AOC Agon AG271QG Monitor

A proper monitor is arguably one of the most important gaming accessories you could have in your setup. It’s one of the more expensive items on our list, but it’s well worth it. The AOC Agon AG271QG is hailed as one of the best monitors for eSports players because of its fast response and refresh rates plus G-Sync incorporation. You can purchase this monitor with either a static or curved display.

If you game on a console, you’ll love these accessories:

PlayStation 4 – Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive

Gaming Accessories You Can’t Live Without

There’s nothing worse than having a full hard drive with your favorite games and having to delete saved data to make room for new games. Now you don’t have to suffer through the agony of deciding which games to delete. With the Seagate 2TB external hard drive, you’ll have no problem with storage again.

Nintendo Switch – Battery Charge Case w/ Kickstands

Gaming Accessories You Can’t Live Without

The Nintendo Switch is perhaps the most iconic game systems in recent memory. Enjoying it while on the go is a big part of what makes this system fun, but short battery life can put a dent in that fun. External batteries are great to add to your gaming accessories list, and this one even comes with two kickstands. Never get caught with a dead Nintendo Switch again!

Xbox One – Elite Controller

Gaming Accessories You Can’t Live Without

We get it, this is one expensive controller. But it’ll take your Xbox gaming to the next level. This gaming accessory lets users customize their controller in every which way. Interchangeable thumbsticks, quick-press triggers, and an interchangeable D-pad make this controller one amazing gaming accessory. You can also use it with many Windows run PC games.

Happy shopping!


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