Gamercraft coaches you to conquer the world of eSports

In less than 5 years, eSports have passed from the basements and gaming booths to the mainstream. The biggest research and investment firms, such as Nielsen Sports and Goldman Sachs, have been continuously dedicating resources and energies to the industry, to providing information for stakeholders and potential investors.

For gamers, this means that the industry is rapidly professionalizing, new technologies are coming into play, new strategies and ways of organizing teams, and new challenges. This makes the mastery of games a crucial necessity.

So far, gamers who want to professionalize and seriously up their game have many platforms at their disposal: GamerSensei, DreamTeam, Gamefly. None compares to Gamercraft: the first holistic platform designed to accompany the rather emotional journey of becoming a pro gamer.

From Passion to the Competitive World of Gaming

Gamercraft is a company that, at its core, is interested in improving the well being of gamers. Constantly looking to add meaning and connections the lives of our gamers, Gamercraft is obsessed with improvement, with using technology to generate emotions in the life of gamers. It simplifies and makes it way easier for gamers to improve their skills, and access elite, top-level resources. In short, Gamercraft is here to make your gaming life better.

Through its signature, proprietary platform and software, we are seeking to hack the learning curve of our player’s who wish to professionalize and seriously up their game. It prepares gamers for the highly competitive and emotional world of eSports.

Changing the Way People Learn About Gaming

We make it easier and convenient for players to visualize their individual and team analytics, to access high-performance coaching, and track their goals over time. But that’s not all, the platform was designed to adapt to the needs of gamers, where data is being used to continuously innovate and craft solutions to simplify the gaming journey.

We believe everyone pursuing their gaming passion can build the future they dream of. By creating the best learning approach that empowers gamers to realize their full potential with a gamer-centric obsession and a dual passion for simplicity and focus. We happen to provide world-class esports coaches’ services supported by a unique data analytics platform.

Gamercraft’s ‘gamer-centric’ approach sets us apart from our competitors. We ‘gamify’ the learning curve, giving the player the tools they’ll need to craft and master their own journey, and their own experience.

“Whenever we identify a problem, something gamers need, we create a solution pipeline to solve that problem, and deliver innovative tools to our members”

Members can also expect a variety of benefits and amenities, designed to improve their access to data and key elemental resources, including exclusive access to tournaments, hardware, content, data-driven insights, and lifetime coach tips.

This is just the beginning. Join Gamercraft as we redefine the mastery of games.


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