eSports Coaching 101

Everything you need to know prior to your first coaching session

Gaming is more exciting when you are at the top of your game; when you are constantly improving and learning new things. If you’ve ever been thinking about resorting to external tools to amp up your game, then we’ve got you covered. This guide gives you all the basics, essentials, and fundamentals about eSports coaching. 

From a player centric standpoint, coaching can be very beneficial. A good coaching experience, besides pointing you in the right direction, can optimize your learning curve, allow you to acquire new techniques, and can also help you understand deeper, more strategical aspects of the game, among several other benefits according to your specific needs. 

The most important part, however, is that coaching can save you time. Time you could use building your own journey towards success. It’s like picking the brains of someone who has already been through that process, someone more experienced, and who knows what it feels like. 

So if you decide to get coached, here’s what you should keep in mind.

How to prepare 

Twenty to ten minutes before your session, ask yourself what do you want to get out of the session. Do you want to the focus to be specific or general? Do you want to focus on one or multiple aspects of the game? Do you want to have high-level strategical conversations? Or just focus on the strategic building blocks of the game? 

Your coach, by definition, will have a fundamental understanding of the game’s mechanics, rules, and analytics. So it all depends on you, and what you want to make of it. 

You can also use Gamercraft’s analytical dashboard to help you devise a plan. Also bear in mind that your coach will also see your stats before the session: ask him about devising a training plan. 

What questions to ask

In most cases, questions are more important than answers. Questions help you gain deeper insights and learn faster. In fact, the right question at the right time, and to the right person can make for an explosive learning experience. 

In short, bring to mind every possible question you might have and shoot it away. 

What to have with you

This is, of course, very intuitive. Make sure you have all the tools and equipment needed for you to play the game and connect with your coach. In addition to playing and conversing, you will probably be very focused on the matter at hand, so make sure you eliminate as many distractions as possible. 

What to expect

While each coach has their own distinctive style, you can expect clear communication, complete attention and focus from your coach. Throughout that 1 or 2 hour session, the coach will utilize every tool (analytics, goal setting, and planning) to make sure that you get the most out of it. Still, it is smart to adjust your expectations to the specific game and coach: be realistic and measured.

What to do next 

Once you are done with your coaching session, you can check your performance report and the goals you set. Then set your sights on the results, and start going after them. Maintain focus and performance. 

You’ll see that, with effort and persistence, your results will be epic. 

Now that we’ve showed you our research, it is up to you to get out there and do the rest. Get coached, elevate your game, and become the gamer of your dreams.


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