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Incredible 6 eSports Arenas: From Las Vegas to Santa Ana

The Best eSports (only) Arenas

Four years ago, showing sold-out pictures Madison Square Garden or the Seattle Center were very surprising to those new to eSports. Today, eSports’ most epic battles and matches all happen in packed arenas, alongside thousands of other gamers. The most impressive esports arenas are of course the arenas in Santa Ana and Las Vegas. They attract thousands of fans at every event. From the record-breaking 2018 League of Legends World Championship to the Intel Xtreme Masters at Katowice, packed stadiums have become the norm.

But these events have all been hosted by multi-purpose stadiums and complexes. What about those eSports dedicated arenas? Here are some of the most modern and sleek gaming arenas of the United States.

#1. HyperX – Luxor Esports Arena (Las Vegas, NV)

hyperx arena las vegas capacity

Located in the majestic Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, this is esports arena’s second venue and the first one to open in the Las Vegas strip. As its name implies, HyperX, the gaming equipment manufacturer, sponsors this arena. Between its two levels, the site can serve up to 1,000 spectators.

Since it opened back in 2018, thousands of gamers have gone there to meet like-minded players and play their favorite games. The venue offers pay-to-play PCs and access to unique local and online competitions. The admission prices range from $10 for one hour to $50 for eight hours.

Naturally, the complex has been the home of several big-name events and tournaments. Ninja Vegas ’18, for instance, was hosted here, a celebration of which Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was its main host and gamer. Also, both the Capcom Cup 2018 and League of Legends All-Star 2018 events called the Luxor Arena in Las Vegas their home.

#2. Esports Arena Santa Ana (Orange County, CA)

Back in 2014, the Santa Ana Esports Arena LLC had the vision and boldness, some would say, of building an eSports facility. While eSports were indeed popular at the time, the market’s lack of depth and profitability was a concern. But when the arena was completed in Santa Ana back in 2015, it became the nation’s first dedicated eSports facility with a capacity of up to 600 gamers.

The arena was designed to give way to a gamer-centric entertainment ecosystem. An environment that would be capable of bridging the mainstream and gaming cultures, thus bringing eSports entertainment to the forefront. On hindsight, that vision was accurate. The company now has three arenas – two of which are on this list – around the nation and plans to expand.

This arena, then, is very dynamic. It allows for many different types of events and competitions. So not only can you expect the more mainstream eSport tournaments but also corporate and gaming-related events.

#3. Fusion Arena (Philadelphia, PA)

fusion arena capacity 3500 gamercraft

When it opens in 2021, the Fusion Arena will be the most prominent eSports arena in North America. With the capacity to seat up 3, 500 gaming spectators, it will be the most modern and high-tech arena so far. What makes this arena so cool, besides its design, are the amenities and facilities within it.

Populous, the architectural firm behind the $50 million project, designed it with the future of eSports in mind. The attending spectator will be able to enjoy sleek, dynamic dining areas; have a good view of the stage from any point, and enjoy the high-tech ambiance.

The Arena will also be the home of the Philadelphia Fusion. The Overwatch League team will be the first one in the nation to have its own dedicated, purpose-built arena. As a result, the Fusion players will be able to enjoy state-of-the-game training facilities, briefing rooms, and offices. The venue will also count with world-class broadcasting facilities.

Find more about the Fusion Arena here

#4. eSports Stadium Arlington (Arlington, TX)

arlington esports stadium capacity

This dedicated eSports facility is the largest in North America. The 100,000-square-foot complex can host up to 2,500 fans. Once there, they can enjoy console, and VR gaming opportunities, as well as many community-oriented events and meet-ups. Today, the venue has become the epicenter of the Arlington competitive gaming spots.

The Esports Stadium Arlington was the result of a transformation of the Arlington Convention Center, for a total cost of $ 10 million. It was all possible thanks to the collaboration between the Arlington Municipal Government, Esports Venues, and Populous.

The venue also has a content and broadcasting studio, a gaming data center, all with high bandwidth capabilities. And one of the best parts of it all is the aesthetics. Populous outdid themselves with this project. The stadium truly captures the essence of modern, gaming design with its imponent stage and LED lights set up.

The first big name championship was the 2018 ECS, with a total prize pool of $3 million. Since then, the stadium has continued to host eSports tournaments with prize pools exceeding the million dollar mark.

Find the specifics about this sports complex here.

#5 Blizzard Arena (Burbank, CA)

The Blizzard Arena is Blizzard Entertainment’s official arena. Home of the Overwatch League in Los Angeles, this arena can seat up to 450 fans. Interestingly, it is located in the Burbank Studios, which also produces the Rober Irvine Show and Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger.

To gamers and the overall community, Blizzard’s decision to create a gaming arena is encouraging. Especially because the same thing can happen around the country (and the world) if the league’s viewership and popularity continue to grow.

The arena also counts with an official store where fans can purchase their favorite shirts, items, and game memorabilia. There, gamers can find merchandise about most of the NA Overwatch teams and more.

#6 NA LCS Studio (Los Angeles, CA)

One of the smallest but perhaps most watched eSports arenas is the NA LCS Studio. It is the home studio of the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Millions of gamers have watched the mythical matches broadcasted from here. The only thing is that it is tough to attend, given its small capacity of 175 people.

And like the Blizzard Arena, attendants must acquire tickets in advance ($15 per ticket or more depending on the event). But once inside, guests can buy food from concession stands and purchase official merchandise from the Riot Store.

If you want to attend an event, you can check the list of matches and broadcasts here. Or if you want to see how the studio looks in more detail, check out Travis Gafford’s video.

After compiling this list, we, here at Gamercraft, fill inspired and positive for the future of eSports. We are sure that newer, bigger, more epic arenas will continue to be built throughout the next decade.