Highest eSports Prize Pool So Far in 2019

Welcome to Gamercraft! The platform that will help you become the best esports player you can be. Today, we’re going to tell you about the biggest titles so far in 2019 – in terms of eSports prize pool.

Professional eSports players have been quite busy so far. Some eSports organizations have already gotten involved in numerous tournaments. That means laurels and prize money for both teams and players.

In fact, the total eSports prize pool that has been won this year so far is more than $69m.

The total yearly eSports prize pools have been growing, and it doesn’t look like this year will be an exception.

Some games are growing fast, while others are dropping off. Rainbow Six Seige from Ubisoft, for instance, has already exceeded its prize pool in 2018! Heroes of the Storm, on the other hand, finished 2018 at 7th place but has now dropped far down the rank.

The final list of 2019 will retain some of the heavy hitters but will also feature new entrants. But for now, intimate yourself with the top 10 games that have the highest eSports prize pool.

Highest eSports Prize Pool

Fortnite: $15.7m

This eSports title has been quite generous giving out over $15m in eSports prize money. The qualifiers for the highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup have been responsible for most of it. Competing teams have won more than $12m in the 10-week qualifiers.

The Fortnite Secret Skirmish Series and Fortnite World Cup Warmup gave out $500k apiece. The ESL Katowice Royale also awarded $597k in prize money.

The title’s ultimate tournament: Fortnite World Cup, happening by July 26 to 28, will give out an additional $30m! There will surely be a few more Fortnite tournaments before the year runs out.

In the end, Epic Game, the title’s publisher, will hope Dota 2 does not edge it off this perch on the final ranking.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO): $10.7m

This eSports game has been keeping players busy since the start of the year. There have been 335 CS:GO tournaments so far (as at the time of writing)! It has also been an enormous source of revenue for many eSports organizations.

The Intel Extreme Masters Katowice Major 2019 alone gave out a total of $2m. The WESG 2018 Finals that took place in March awarded close to $1m in prize money.

Dota 2: $8.5m

This eSports title sits comfortably at this spot as the one behind it is quite far behind in eSports prize pool.

However, it might take a leap upward come August with its ultimate tournament, The International which is known for its huge prize pool. The International 2018 was $25.5m, and as of now, the fund already raised is less than $2m shy of that. We just might witness a surge here.

Dota 2 has already offered big money prizes this year. The MDL Disneyland Paris Major and DreamLeague Season 11 has already coughed up $2m.

Adding to this, there have been other tournaments that where cool money has been won playing Dota 2.

League of Legends: $3.9m

This is one of the tier 1 eSports games, and 81 tournaments have been played on it so far. Its largest esports prize pool this year was The Mid-Season Invitational 2019 where it awarded $1m.

The spring split competitions held in different parts of the world also added a big chunk to the game’s half-year prize pool.

Overwatch: $3.8m

Overwatch Contenders league which is a second-tier tournament has offered a total of $930k. The Overwatch League, the primary tier, has already awarded $1m in the prize pool.

With more eSports tournaments still slated for the rest of the year. This eSports prize pool is bound to still rise.


The PUBG Asia Invitational 2019 awarded $500k back in January. The FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic gave out $400k. These are the big money prize pool from this title so far.

If you consider that this eSports did over $7m last year, you’ll notice it isn’t yet on track for a repeat performance. However, we believe it might still catch up as its main event is yet to happen.

This shoot ‘em up battle royale will be hosting its Global Championship in November. That tournament will be awarding at least $2 in prize money.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: $2.67m

This eSports tactical shooter has made its way to the top rungs of the ladder after finishing 2018 at 25th position. Obviously, more money has been pumped into the title as it gains more prominence among fans.

There have been 29 events on this title so far this year, and the CWL Pro League 2019 has awarded the highest amount at over $1m. CWL London and CWL 2019 Fort Worth offered $400k each.

The 2019 Call of Duty World League Championship is slated for August in Los Angeles, and it will offer a total of $2m in eSports prize pool.

Rainbow Six Siege: $2.65m

This is one of the new entrants on the list. The tactical shooter from Ubisoft finished last year at 14th position. As of now, it has already surpassed its prize pool for 2018.

The title means business. In February, the title offered $2m at the Rainbow Six Invitational 2019. The Pro League Season 9 awarded in May offered a total of $371k. Let’s hope the title still sits among the top 10 at the end of the year.

Arena of Valor: $2.45m

This eSports game awarded $1.3m at the King Pro League Spring 2019 in June. It also gave out over $500k at the Honor of Kings Champion Cup Winter 2018 that was concluded this January. There have only been six tournaments in this title this year so far.

The Arena of Valor World Cup will be hosted in Vietnam mainly due to the title’s performance there. The tournament’s prize pool for 2018 was over $500k, so we expect this year to be more than that at least.

Hearthstone: $2.2m

This eSports game has 15 tournaments so far this year. The Hearthstone World Championship 2019 gave out $1m in April. With last year’s announcement, we can expect the esports prize pool for this game to reach $4m this year.

Whether that will keep the game in the top 10 loops is something we will have to wait to find out.

There you have it, the highest eSports prize pool so far in 2019. There are still some interesting tournaments coming for the rest of the year with lots of money up for grabs.

The second half of the esports calendar is looking really nice from here. If you want to be a professional player and get a bite of these prize pools, reach out to us at Gamercraft and we’ll coach you!


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