EVO 2019 Championship Players and Their Characters

This year’s edition in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay’s event center was grandiose. The 2019 Evo Championship has come and gone, leaving many victors and top players in its wake. Behind every number one or top player is a powerful fighting game character. So which were the characters used by the best players?

From Street Fighter to Super Smash Bros., here are some of EVO Championship 2019 number one players and the video game characters who have led some of them to victory.

Soulcailbur VI

Player: BNE Yuta “Yuttoto” Sudo
Character: Voldo

Voldo has been a popular character in the Soulcailbur game series due to his unusual appearance and his fighting style of self taught contortionism. Using arm blades called jamadhars, Voldo’s cortortionism allows the player to perform unpredictable moves, such as striking with your back turned to an opponent. 

Voldo also uses a stance called the Mantis Crawl that lets the player do different moves depending on the direction Voldo is facing. Furthermore, Voldo also has a special Critical Edge move called the Downward Spiral, which has great speed and can be used as an attack and a counter move. During EVO 2019 “Yuttoto” conquered the scene thanks to his skill and ability.

Under Night In Birth

Player: WP Clearlamp_o
Character: Byakuya

EVO 2019 Championship Players and Their Characters

During this year’s EVO Championship, WP Clearlamp_o used Byakuya’s meta to his favor. Byakuya is a young boy who uses his mind to controls eight dark claws known as Eight Legs of Shredding: The Predator. His fighting style resembles a spider, with the claws acting as a spider’s legs. His special ability is called the “EXS of Dark Spikes” or Chelicerata, which allows him to lure in his enemies into a spider-like webs to drain their life energy and power. 

Dragonball Fighter Z

Player: Goichi “GO1” Kishida
Character: Bardock/Goku/Kid Goku

Throughout the championship, “GO1” relied on Bardock, Goku, and Kid Goku to craft his path to victory. The fights we saw on EVO 2019 were epic, if not mythical. Now let’s go over the

The first of this three man team, Bardock, is the father of Goku, the main protagonistsin the Dragonball franchise. Bardock can perform super fast moves and a combo that snatches people out of the air, which then lets him do a full combo. One of his most powerful attacks is the level three Revenge Assault, which is difficult to defend against.

Meanwhile, Goku in his basic form is also a strong fighter, due to his stunning fight choreography and flexible move sets that is from Dragonball and early Dragonball Z. One of his most powerful moves is the Kaioken, which allows him to power up himself and then follow up with a series of attacks. 

Likewise, Kid Goku is also powerful due to his ability to dash around and devastate opponents. Kid Goku can also transform into a more powerful version of himself called a Super Sayian and one of his most powerful super moves is the ability to channel a massive amount of power into a Spirit Bomb.

Samurai Shodown

Player: Seonwoo “Infiltration” Lee 
Character: Genjuro

All the way from South Korea, “Inflitration” crowned himself the 2019 EVO Samurai Showdown Champion. His skill paired with Genjuro’s fighting style made it all possible

A killer-for-hire, Genjuro’s fighting style is streamlined for clean sword cuts but also has a little brutality. In addition to slashing, he can also fire energy projectiles from his sword, fuel his sword with ki (energy), and stun his opponents by trapping them and leaving them vulnerable for a short amount of time. One of his special moves is the Sanren Satsu (Triple Killing), which is a three hit sword strike that aims to finish off an opponent.

Mortal Kombat 11

Player: Dominique “SonixFox” McLean
Character: Cassie Cage

The daughter of Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage infuses abilities inherited from both parents with a style all her own. She fights with handguns and is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Some of her signature moves include a Takedown where she tackles her opponent into the ground and punches them in the face and an Akimbo move where she fires six shots rapidly with both handguns.

When it came to it, SonixFox leveraged Cassie Cage’s fighting style to come out on top as the 2019 Evolution Championship Series Mortal Kombat 11 victor, taking home more than $14,000 in prize money.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Player: Oscar “Shinku” Jaimes
Character: Ruby/Yang

Oscar “Shinku” Jaimes used Ruby and Yang to crown himself the BlazBlue champion. On hindsight (and as you’ll see below), his choice was obvious but he gave the audience one of the most nail-bitting fights of the entire event. So, let’s take a look at the meta of the champions he used to win the ultimate BlazBlue 2019 EVO prize!

Both Ruby Rose and Yang Xiaolong are sisters and the protagonists of the animated web series RWBY. She wields a hybrid scythe-sniper rifle called Crescent Rose and can tap into her special ability of speed to slash or shoot opponents. Her special move is called Astral Strike, which involves her using Crescent Rose to fly her opponent and herself high in the air before decapitating them with a final shot.

Meanwhile, Yang uses her shotgun gauntlets Ember Celicia to take out her enemies and augment her close-range combat abilities. Her fight style is unique in that the harder she is struck, the stronger her fighting abilities get. When her health becomes dangerously low, she will enter a state of rage which increases her attack and range. Her special move is called the Yellow Dragon, which involves punching her opponent with a barrage of hits before jumping in the air and hitting them with a fiery earthbound punch. 

This year’s Evolution Championship Series was epic. It emphasized what’s good about the fighting game communities. And we would argue that, out of all the esports and competitive games out there, the fighting games we saw here are among the best, most watchable games there are. The tension, the energy, and adrenaline felt while watching these fights are part of what makes it such a unique experience. See you all in EVO 2020!


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