Competitive Games from E3 to Follow Closely

With E3 having just ended, it’s finally time to talk about what we saw. Nearly 100 games were showcased at the event with Xbox having risen from the ashes of the last few years and showing about half of them as well as new hardware projects. The majority of the games shown seemed to be single player or coop games, which was a refreshing change of pace considering how the past few E3’s had been centered more around multiplayer games. Wading through the mass amount of single player trailers we were left to only a few with multiplayer options, almost too few, and even less with any competitive opportunity. So here I’ve outlined some of the games shown at E3 that we believe in having some sort of competitive edge to them, and games that competitive players should look out for if they’re needing something new.

* Please note, I didn’t include any of the usual suspects (CoD, Halo, Gears of War) because of we pretty much knew they were coming out before this E3 and we still don’t know much about them*

Roller Champions

Roller Champions - Competitive Games from E3 to Follow Closely
Source: Ubisoft

Roller Champions was one of the games to really catch my eye. Not in the sense that it was something I really had the desire to play but looking at the game, I could already tell that it is going to have a pretty big following. Roller Champions is a competitive multiplayer game based around roller derby, which in itself has its own competitive cult following. It seems to me that this game might be the next Rocket League with its soft animations and simple concept. The good news is that Ubisoft has decided to make the game free to play from what I can tell, and you can even download the demo here. There’s been no news regarding whether or not it will come to consoles, but Ubisoft plans on rolling it out somewhere early 2020.

Crossfire X

CrossfireX - Competitive Games from E3 to Follow Closely
Source: Microsoft

The next game to really catch my eye was Crossfire X. Crossfire has been out for ages on PC and has gained a vast number of players in Asia, it’s actually the most played FPS in the entire world with about 650 million players and 8 million reoccurring (via Primarily crossfire has been Counterstrike but more popular in the east and has only been available on PC, the big news about Crossfire X is that it will be playable on Xbox one in 2020. I’m guessing that Smilegate and Xbox are going to do some tweaking to the fundamentals of the traditional crossfire experience to make it more playable with a controller, we all remember how “well” that Counterstrike: GO port for Xbox 360 was… regardless I’m setting high hopes for the game and am excited to see some actual gameplay trailers come from it in these next few months.

Bleeding Edge

Source: Microsoft/XboxE3

Coming out of Microsoft’s newly acquired Ninja Theory, the same group that brought you the DMC series comes a 4v4 Melee arena game. With a wide range of playable characters and cartoonish designs, the game at first glance looks more like just another overwatch, but the small amount of actual gameplay could say otherwise. The game runs in the third person, and the fighting animations look really smooth. It seems like the different characters hold some of the same MOBA characteristics that overwatch does with one aspect looking like a healer and another looking like a tank. The game as a whole looks intense and fast-paced, the possibility of combos looks like this might be the perfect mix of player ability and team strategy, the ideal competitive game. For right now it seems like Bleeding Edge will only be coming to PC and Xbox, but from what I understand it will be making its way to the game pass on the launch, there is no solid release date for this game yet.

Chivalry: 2

Source: Torn Banner Studios

Following the trend of melee combat, we find ourselves looking at Chivalry 2. Right now, it’s only planning to release on PC, but the first one came out on consoles sometime later after the game was more finished. The first Chivalry didn’t have a huge competitive scene, but regardless, it had one. There were some tournaments mainly focused on the smaller game modes, but it hasn’t really grown as an eSport as much as I think it could. The game is huge, and it’s a ton of fun, and it always required a degree of skill and communication to be any good at it. I can only say that Chivalry 2 looks even bigger and possibly even more fun. The pure insanity of 64 player battles in this game is truly hard to comprehend being there was so much going on at only 32 players. I could definitely see a scene for the bigger game modes to become more competitive in the same way that bigger games like Battlefield have created a competitive scene. Right now, Torn Banner studios have come under fire… or siege, if you will, about their choice to put Chivalry 2 on the epic games store first and then release it to other services. Regardless of what platform it ends up on first, Chivalry 2 is planned to be released sometime in 2020.

That said, Good Game Everyone!


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