Physical and Mental Benefits of Playing Video Games with Your Children

Parents, even those that play video games themselves, may feel pressured to significantly limit the amount of gameplay that their children engage in. However, many scientific studies point to there being significant benefits, both mentally and physically for both children and adults that participate in regular gameplay.

On average Gamers log a collective 3 billion hours worth of gameplay each week. Because of this widespread use, scientists became interested in seeing the effects that gameplay has on the physical and mental health of gamers. During these studies, they found that everything from attention span to reaction time was significantly improved among players in comparison to non-gamers. And because of these benefits, many parents are opting to play video games with their children rather than imposing strict time limits on their use.

Mental Benefits for Both Parents and Children

As stated above, one area where Gamers of all ages excelled was in both sustained and selective attention span. Furthermore, the segments of the brain responsible for attention were needed to be less active for gamers when focusing on a complex task in comparison to non-gamers. Because of this, both doctors and educators are advising parents of children with attention disorders such as ADHD to incorporate gameplay into their daily routine in addition to traditional treatment methods.

Research also shows that Gamers is that play games that require problem-solving and strategic reasoning Are better at planning. Organizing and flexible thinking. Additionally, it was found that regular gameplay actually boosts memory retention and cognitive processing speed. Because of these findings, it is now believed that students with learning disabilities and deficits can greatly benefit from regular gameplay because it strengthens their memories. A similar study also found that fast-paced games actually helped reading and comprehension skills for those with dyslexia.

Playing video games has also been linked to increased creativity, particularly in middle schoolers. Researchers have observed that middle school-aged gamers have increased curiosity and creativity, particularly in the areas of a drawing and storytelling.

Physical Benefits for both Parents and Children

While scientists believed early on that regular gameplay could actually harm a player’s eyesight, new studies have found that Gamers actually have improved, particularly contrast sensitivity function. Disability helps us discern different shades of gray against a colored background, which is tremendously beneficial for night driving. Another study showed that people suffering from cataracts could actually improve their vision by regularly playing first-person shooter games.

Researchers found that kids that are regularly engaged in Esports games were far more likely to participate in sports in real life. It’s also been shown that video games play a vital role in improving hand-eye coordination. In fact, many professions that require a heightened amount of hand-eye coordination, such as surgeons have started incorporating gameplay into their train curriculum. In a similar study, preschoolers that played interactive games regularly had better-than-average object control motor skills.

Other Benefits that Regular Gameplay Provides

One significant advantage of regularly playing competitive video games and other multiplayer games is it they foster social interaction skills. Young Gamers that participate in multiplayer games are far more likely to be able to effectively participate in groups at school and display the ability to take the lead in group projects. They especially showed better-than-average skills to delegate and prioritize tasks.

Additionally, many games incorporate history, culture, and even mythology into the gameplay experience, and because of this, many young Gamers develop a love for these areas of study. Parents that obtain books, maps, and other materials connected to their child’s favorite game report that their children are more engaged with learning.

Many studies have also proven that regular gameplay can improve your mental well-being. For example, playing puzzle games regularly can help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Besides, doctors are now using video games as a way to help treat people with post-traumatic stress disorder as well. Studies also show that regular gameplay is an effective way to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

Most importantly, playing video games with your children isn’t just a fantastic way to spend quality time with them it can also help you cultivate the skills they learn in the gameplay environment so they can translate to the classroom. For example, if your child adept at problem-solving in a strategy game, it’s easy to help your child use this skill to solve word problems in their math class.

While researchers continue to learn more each day about the benefits of playing video games regularly the general consensus based on the recent studies is that parents should actively incorporate video games into their child’s daily routine even if it’s in for small intervals.


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