Overwatch: Big Meta Changes Coming For Season 18

As you may have heard, Overwatch is going to be going through some serious competitive changes in these next few months. And if you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’re going to need to know what’s what in the upcoming Overwatch’s Competitive Season 18.

The Big Change

The most significant meta change seems to be them switching from a pick whoever style of completive play in which people can be entirely incompetent by only ever playing DPS or picking up a fourth tank for some reason or wanting to play third squishy support to an entirely new system that stops things like this entirely. Starting on September 1st (the start of season 18 of ranked play), Overwatch will be switching to a 2-2-2 Queuing system.

The new role queue system means that each game of competitive forcefully fills comp with 2 Tanks, 2 Dps, and 2 Support heroes. During the game, you will only be able to change your character to one that’s in your playstyle (in other words, if you queued as a tank you can only switch to other tanks).

However, this isn’t at all as bad as it seems considering the lowered the amount of Skill Rating (SR) needed for each rank. What this pretty much means is that you can be a gold-ranked support player and a bronze ranked tank player. The competitive play still will average out your teams SR and match you with a similar SR team but considering they’re starting everyone at ground zero, the first couple weeks of ranked play for Season 18 are going to absolutely awful.

Look at it this way, until the people who are supposed to be ranked in diamond and masters get to diamond and master with all their classes you might solo queue against a group of masters as a gold level player. However, from what we understand, once you get to the rank of master, you can no longer queue with more than two people throughout Season 18.

A positive aspect of this is that Overwatch plans to reward those players who play the class that has the least players queued. So those support players are going to be rewarded when everyone and their mother decided they want to play DPS. The reward is of course in the form of loot boxes so except to stock up on those if you’re generally and support main. A big downside to this whole thing seems to be that there will no longer be a need for flex players.

The Domino Effect

With this huge reworking of the ranked system, you should definitely expect to see some meta changes to your favorite characters. With the removal of the possibility of 3 tanks, I suspect that Reaper is going to get nerfed by a lot. Most of the other Dps are probably going to stay the same in relation to each other, but they all might collectively get reworked by a little bitiu.

Because of this new Overwatch meta update, the tanks are going to get reworked as a result of these changes. Orisa is going to get nerfed a little bit, and we could see Winston getting a small buff. With the addition of a new tank character, I think it’s either always going to get picked for comp, or it’s never going to get selected for comp because new characters are almost always broken one way or another.

We think support might stay the same aside from reworking Bridgette (again).

Some people and even Overwatch devs before the decided going with 2-2-2 said that something like this 2-2-2 system would slow down queuing times by a lot, but right now according to overbuff.com, role picking for each roll is around 1/3rd. This fact, along with rewarding players who pick roles with fewer players, is not going to be an issue.

Our Final Thoughts

We think Overwatch making players fill comp will probably do better than harm as a whole. Going into a game to have four people you’ve never met before deciding they want to all play DPS at once has become beyond frustrating in the last few months.

Naturally, not everyone is going to be happy with the Overwatch’s Season 18 changes, but we, here at Gamercraft, believe they are necessary, it’s going to be just like when they decided to limit how many times a character can get picked to one.

The beta for this new role queue beta season has been available since August 18th, and will go live once Season 18 starts on September 1st.


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