Tombs of Terror Chapter 1: The Lost City Guide

The Tombs of Terror solo adventure in Hearthstone has finally been released! It may seem similar to Dungeon Runs in The Dalaran Heist and Rumble Run, but there’s been a huge addition to the last boss of each run. Plague Lords havea infiltrated Uldum and it’s up to the League of Explores to take them out.

All players can freely play the first chapter of Tombs of Terror and have the option to purchase Chapter 2 with in-game gold or with a micro-transaction. Here’s all you need to know about the first chapter of Tombs of Terror:

Chapter 1: The Lost City

The twist of this chapter is Plague of Murlocs which adds Murlocs to each player’s deck and summons one when drawn. Like all Dungeon Runs, there are 8 bosses to fight in one go or you need to start over. By reaching the 5th boss of each chapter in Tombs of Terror, players get 3 free Saviors of Uldum packs.

The 8th boss of this chapter is a Plague Lord with 300 health. At the start of the fight, it is immune and can only take damage by destroying Murloc minions. Be prepared for a long battle because as the boss’s health goes down, its hero power changes. Using Elixir of Vim as a Treasure can save you from taking Fatigue damage as the match goes on, but it does burn cards very quickly.

New Heroes and New Treasures

As of Week 1, only two characters are available to play: Reno Jackson and Sir Finley. Both of these characters are dual-class with Reno being a mix of Mage and Rogue and Finley as a mix of Paladin and Shaman.

Reno Jackson, an Amateur Mage

A main aspect of Reno’s dual class is that he will be slinging a lot of low-cost spells from both classes. When using Reno for the first time, a player would want to focus on using spells that work in a Combo. Many rogue cards in this adventure use the Combo mechanic to deal more damage with spells and other effects.

At the start, Reno’s hero power is the usual Mage hero power, but thanks to his rogue duality, he can do two damage with a Combo. Players also have Reno’s Lucky Hat unlocked right away as a treasure. This 1 mana spell that gives a minion +2/+2 and Spell Damage +2 makes a great combo for using his hero power. The more adventures you do with Reno, the more hero powers and treasures you can unlock.

In my adventure run,  I used Reno’s Magical Torch as a treasure and “Relicologist” as a hero power. Players can unlock them by activating 30 Combo affects and dealing 50 damage to a Plague Lord. After playing the spell and using the hero power, it deals 6 damage. If used in a combo, it’s shuffled back into my deck with two more damage. My deck focused on the Crook and Flail treasure and low-cost spells to summon high-cost minions right out of my deck.

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As you can see, its only turn 1 and I already have an 8/8 Molten Giant on the board. This was simply from playing Pilfer for 1 mana beforehand. There’s a laot of fun things you can do in adventure runs that you can’t do in Standard gameplay.

Sir Finley, a Knightly Murloc

As a Shaman and Paladin, those two classes have one thing in common: turning weak minions into strong ones. Even in Standard play, Murloc Shaman and Paladin are very strong decks to use. The more 1-health minions Finley summons, the more damage he can do. However, it’s not very good while the “Whirling Winds” anomaly is active.

Similar to a normal Paladin, Finley’s hero power summons a 2/1 Amalgam Explorer. Since it’s an Amalgam minion, it receives the same buffs as any other minion type. For more buffs, using Finley’s Pith Helmet as a treasure is practically playing Coldlight Seer but affecting every minion.

The Shaman part of Finley gives him the ability to have many board clear cards. This is very helpful against the Plague Lord’s hero power of being Immune and oenly taking damage when a Murloc is destroyed.

What’s next for Tombs of Terror?

For now, only Tombs of Terror Chapter 1 and 2 are available to play and players can only use Reno and Finley as heroes. The 3rd chapter will unlock next week along with the next playable hero. Players who want to unlock every treasure for Finley and Reno will surely have enough time until the next chapter comes out.

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