The Beginner Experience in Hearthstone

There’s never any game a person could start playing without being a beginner at some point. Everyone has the experience when they first pick up a controller and attempt to press the correct buttons in a game they’ve never played before. But what about card games?

With Hearthstone, the beginner experience is worthwhile. Physical cards games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh don’t come with a user’s manual about how cards work. Usually, you need a friend who plays the game to teach you the ropes. Hearthstone, however, is an amazing card game for those who have never played a card game before in their life.

Beginner-Friendly at the Start

When a person opens Hearthstone for the first time, they aren’t thrown right into playing with others online. Every Hearthstone beginner must go through a tutorial and fight six CPU opponents in a row to learn how the game works.

The tutorial is a little bit hand-holding because the battle is scripted for the player to learn, but players are still allowed to play the cards that they wish. By fighting boss after boss, there’s no doubt that beginners will understand the battle system after finishing the tutorial.

By the time a beginner is done with the tutorial, they are sent to the main screen of the game where two modes are unlocked, Play and Solo Adventures. The Arena and Tavern Brawl are locked until players get to level 20 in one class and unlock every class. Hearthstone beginners must start in Practice Mode to be able to fully play the game.

Free Cards from Practice for a Beginner

You can’t play a card game without the cards to make a deck. Beginners in hearthstone only start the game with a handful of free cards that aren’t exactly great. With a severe lack of spells, players will need to get card packs as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the first quest players will get is to win five games in Practice Mode. By doing this, new players will obtain three free packs of Classic cards. Practice Mode is necessary to play if beginners want to use other classes than Mage. By winning five games, players can unlock five more of the nine classes to make their gameplay even better and get closer to unlocking other modes.  

No Friends who Play Hearthstone? No Problem!

Once a beginner has leveled up a class to level 10, they have all the basic cards for that class and can make a viable deck. Unlike in other card games, Hearthstone beginners don’t have to seek out other players to fight against since the game is completely online. There’s no need to find a local group of players with decks full of expansion cards in Hearthstone. Once you queue up, the game matches you with someone from around the world who knows as much about the game as youu do. 

In February 2019, Blizzard added ranks 50 to 26 so new players rank up against other beginners without needing to deal with strong, meta decks. Starting from rank 50 may seem like a long way to go, but there’s never any worry about not having someone of equal strength to play against.

Before you know it, you will learn the ins and outs of Hearthstone. A beginner might have a little trouble from the get-go, but the more you play, the more you understand what it takes to be a great player.

Annemarie Bertok
Experienced writer specializing in nonfiction and journalism. With my experience in creative writing, I like to take everyday life and put an artistic spin upon it to keep readers interested in the subject at hand.

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