Murloc Decks: Hearthstone Ranking Made Easy

Murlocs. Low-cost, weak minions that appear practically useless to attack with at first glance. Yet, these strange amphibious creatures working in aaera deck based on their type is one of the highest tiered decks.

Not only is the deck strong when played correctly, but it is also one of the cheapest decks to make in the game. If you’re stuck at Rank 20 and want to rank up fast, Murloc decks are the decks for you!

Low on Dust? No problem!

One of the best things about Murloc Shaman is that it’s a cheap and easy deck to build. Most decklists only include one legendary minion and three epic minions. Not having Scargil in your collection isn’t that big of an issue either.

Seeing how most murloc minions have a low-mana cost, you might not see much of a difference. It’s also possible you might get a free Scargil after playing Fishflinger or Underbelly Angler.

Eight of the cards in this deck are Basic cards that players get for free at the start of the game. The majority of the other cards are Classic cards alongside common and rare cards from other expansions. Playeers don’t need to buy tons of packs to hopefully get the cards they need for this deck.

Since the rarity is low, the crafting cost of the murloc cards isn’t as expensive as crafting tons of epic and legendary cards for other meta decks. Murloc decks are incredibly strong decks for free-to-play players without having to spend all of their Dust on legendary minions.

The Good and the Bad of Murloc Decks

This deck archetype is fast and heavy-hitting if you play your cards right. Most deck builds don’t include cards over 5 maana, making victory a lot easier than other decks with high-mana cost cards.

For the past week, Murloc Shaman and Paladin have been at a steady win-rates above 50% between all rankings, proving that there’s higher likelihood of a victory than using an off-meta deck. As long as it doesn’t get nerfed like Control Warrior, it should stay relatively high-tier.

The issue with these decks is the low amount of health that murloc minions have originally. There are many classes with board clearing cards to wipe out all of your minions before you even attack. More victories come when playing against Paladin, Hunter, or Druid decks because they cannot clear your board after using Coldlight Seer. However, all of the other classes have many different spells and minions that will destroy your whole board.

In some cases, your deck might not include a board clearing spell, making it impossible to break through Taunt minions. With murloc decks, you need to be faster than your opponent to beat them.

How Far Up The Ladder Can A Murloc Deck Go?

Supposedly, Murloc Shaman is one of the best decks up to Rank 10. The higher up the ladder, the more legendary minion-filled decks are in the meta. Warrior Decks can easily take out your murlocs before you can buff their stats and block your way with strong Taunt minions. You can change your deck to Murloc Paladin, but that would require having legendary cards like Chef Nomi and Sir Finley of the Sands.

If you still enjoy playing this deck, then using the gold you’ve gained from getting to Rank 10 allows you to buy more packs. Murloc Paladin includes four legendary minions, four more epic minions, and uses about half of the cards from Murloc Shaman.

Since you aren’t playing the Shaman class anymore, the lack of Bloodlust in your deck makes it much harder to instantly turn weak minions into strong ones. Instead, you have to overwhelm your opponent by playing Tip the Scales midway through the game. It’s an expensive change, but you can still use those amphibious murlocs.

What If The Murloc Deck Isn’t Working?

In the Hearthstone meta, there’s many different decks than include all different play styles. It’s good to have more than one deck on hand to play if you aren’t getting the best match-ups while ranking. Though this is one of the cheapest decks to make, Quest Shaman and Rogue are also low-cost if you obtained the quests for those classes. Hearthstone may seem like a pay-to-win game, but there’s many ways to play without breaking your wallet.

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