Doom in the Tomb: New Decks Revived from the Past

To celebrate the spooky month of October, the three-week-long Doom in the Tomb event is bringing cards from the past into Standard play. With the recurrence of N’Zoth, Emperor Thaurissan, and Mysterious Challenger, players are starting to create new decks to celebrate this temporary shift in the meta. Deck archetypes that disappeared in the current meta are shaking up standard play. Here’s a list of new decks that are here until Hallows End.

Tempo Mage

Mage isn’t seen much in Ranked play due to Highlander Mage requiring many legendary minions. Now that Flamewaker and Emperor Thaurissan are back in the game, players can easily throw out spells again and again. After you cast a spell, Flamewaker deals 2 damage randomly split among all enemies. The Rise of Shadows and Saviors of Uldum expansions brought many new low-cost spells into Hearthstone. By casting Ray of Frost four times in a row, it’s an instant eieght damage to enemies. Slow control decks can’t keep up with a damage output that fast. The more spells you cast, the faster victory will come.

Secret Paladin

Secret Paladin lessened in popularity after the release of Saviors of Uldum. Paladin decks are filled with Murlocs and Reborn minions in the current meta, but Mysterious Challenger aims to change that. Doom in the Tomb added Mysterious Challenger and Avenge, two cards entirely based on using secrets. As a better version of Masked Contender, Mysterious Challenger puts one of every secret in your deck on board. With all of these secrets, opponents need to think twice about their actions. There’s nothing more controlling than board manipulation.

Resurrect Priest

Controlling decks are powerful in the meta and Doom in the Tomb is bringing even more into play. Now that N’Zoth has returned, players can summon even more copies of Deathrattle minions and own the board throughout the entire game. This version of Resurrect Priest has become even more powerful thanks to Deathrattle minions in the current expansions. Convincing Infiltrator, Khartut Defender, and Mass Resurrection are incredibly annoying cards for opponents to deal with. Sylvanas Windrunner is a great addition to this deck as well, allowing you to take control of your opponent’s minions. By having a giant wall of defense, it’s noeewhere close to easy to break through and defeat you.

Possible Alterations to Standard Decks

Unfortunately, some current meta decks in Standard play won’t find the need to temporarily change. The added Warrior cards in Doom in the Tomb will hardly help Control Warrior and the added Warlock cards aren’t very useful in Zoo Warleock. However, there are still a few cards that can temporarily spice up Quest decks.

Quest Druid

Thanks to the druid quest reward giving both effects to Choose One cards, Kun the Forgotten King can be very helpful late-game. To put it simply, this card is a free 7/7 minion that gives 10 armor. The moment Kun is put on the board, all of the mana you spent to play it is completely refreshed as if you didn’t play it at all. Following that card with Flobbidinous Floop is an instant 20 armor in one turn. All of this armor can really help in a pinch and also lets you gain health from spells.

Quest Rogue

Before Doom in the Tomb, it was relatively easy to quickly complete your quest using Clever Disguise on turn 2. With the addition of Swashburglar and having the Coin in hand, your quest will already be 1 out of 4 on the first turn. Swashburglar will add a random card to your hand from your opponent’s class. With a 1 mana cost, it’s even easier to get the rogue quest done fast. The downside is that Swashburglar is noet very helpful when facing another rogue deck.

How much does Doom in the Tomb affect the meta?

For the rest of October, Standard play has become mainly control decks and tempo decks to counter the control. Some decks, such as Control Warrior, may not be affected because of how high tier they are. On the other hand, midrange decks, like Quest Hunter, may not be fast enough to deal enough damage before control decks take over the board. Thankfully, this Standard (Doom in the Tomb) switch-up will only last until the end of the month and the meta will turn back into its previous state.

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Doom in the Tomb: New Decks Revived from the Past

To celebrate the spooky month of October, the three-week-long Doom in the Tomb event is bringing cards...

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