Tips For Relaxing Gaming

Whether you are a professional gamer or a gamer for fun, gaming can be both an entertaining and intense experience. If things get too intense, it’s best to find some ways to calm yourself to avoid hurting others, yourself, or your equipment. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to have relaxing gaming experiences.

Not only is de-stressing one of many healthy gaming habits, it is also a part of gaming wellness that promotes mental, physical, and nutritional balance. With a calmer mind, you can perform your best while gaming. Check out these tips on how to have less stressful gaming experiences.

Take Breaks from High Stakes Games

Constantly playing games that involve violence or high stakes can take a toll. It’s best to limit the amount of time you spend gaming this way and take breaks as needed. If you’re extremely frustrated, feel free to step away from gaming for a bit and do other things.

Sometimes, I find myself getting a little too emotional when gaming, especially while playing JRPGs. JRPGs are an emotional outlet for me as well as a personal escape, but feelings like anger and disappointment can be amplified if I spend hours fighting in random monstress encounters and boss battles. If I end up losing my cool too much, I stop playing for few days before resuming.

Play Casual Games

If high stakes games are causing you too much stress and frustration, then playing casual games can be very soothing. Casual games usually require less effort to play and many provide a gaming experience that is relaxing. Notable casual games are the puzzle game Monument Valley and the endless runner game Alto’s Odyssey.

When it comes to casual games, Monument Valley is one of my favorites because the puzzles are challenging enough to make you think, but there is no time limit or rush to complete the game. Also, the isometric puzzles are beautiful to look at and the storyline is simple yet charming. There are different casual games for various platforms so you can do some research and find one that fits your interests.

Monitor Your Posture

If you are hunched over or sitting in one position for too long, then your gaming experience definitely won’t be relaxing. Having poor posture can result in your wrists, fingers, and back hurting later on. Be sure to get up and stretch every few hours, sit with your back straight, and exercise your hands and wrists to keep your present and future gaming experiences relaxing.

Start A New Game

This suggestion is especially for those who game solo and realize that you’re stuck in a game and can’t move forward or go back to an earlier point. If you’re absolutely fed up, know where you went wrong, and aren’t too far into a game, then staring a new game can help you prepare better. This also works if you haven’t played a game for a while and don’t want to pick up where you left off.

In fact, I ended up starting a new game while playing the JRPG Radiant Historia. I had reached a point where my characters were too under leveled. Since trying to level up in the area I was in was tedious, I started a new game. By doing so, I was able to level up all my characters better by grinding a little during each storyline scenario, which made the gameplay easier and a little more enjoyable.

Play On Easy or Beginner Mode

While the beginner or easy mode is usually for those new to a game, it can also be used by gamers to make the game less nerve-wrecking. Despite the belief that playing a game on easy mode makes you less of a “real gamer”, easy mode can make things lighter when you want a relaxing gaming experience .

An example of this from my own experience comes from when I was playing the JRPG Legacy of Ys Book II. When playing this game on normal mode, there is a boss that summons fire based enemies as you deplete its HP. On easy mode, this doesn’t happen at all and defeating him was much more managable without multiple monsters attacking me.


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