Room for Improvement: Develop a Routine


Across the board, successful competitors—from athletes to gamers to Quick Recall aficionados—have a system in place when it comes to how they generate their success. Regardless of what each individual system includes, all of them have one important asset: Consistency.

Whether it’s getting up and going to bed at the same time every day or working out at the same time every morning or evening, consistency helps breed success. Getting into a routine is a fundamental quality for any eSport championship aspirant. One’s mind craves routine, and one’s body will function more dependably if one’s mind is sharp due to being on a set schedule.

This holds true for several of life’s facets. Scholastic pursuits, one’s chosen career, or even time with a significant other all benefit from consistency. So, to facilitate one’s eSport success, be consistent with one’s training. Develop a routine.

It’s Already Being Done

Many people already have a routine without even realizing how ingrained in them that routine is. They go to work at the same time every day, meaning they typically go to bed at the same time every night and rise at the same time every morning.

However, when applying this to something like eSports, it’s not quite as easy because it’s largely a self-employed endeavor in the beginning. This means one doesn’t have to worry about official consequences from their boss (unless the voice in one’s head is particularly brutal). Develop a routine.

Start with Little Things

Developing a routine isn’t always easy, especially when one has to break habits to do it. Don’t want to get up early in the morning? No problem, get up at the same time at noon (or the afternoon) every day. Hate going to bed early? Understandable, go to bed at the same time every late night.

Of course, this is all assuming one has the liberty to choose when they do these things (parents get to decide for their kids, naturally). Choosing when to go to bed and get up every day and night is just the beginning, however. From there, one can choose when they eat their meals, or when they play certain games, compete in certain types of competitions, or practice certain skills (there’s Liam Neeson again).

Gradually Intensify

Never start too big, too fast. That’s a surefire way to feel overwhelmed and burn out. When the small routines have been developed and adhered to for a couple weeks, start adding to them. Get up and go to bed at the same times every day, check. A couple weeks later, start planning one’s meals. Then add practice hours, followed by competitive hours.

Eventually, those small routines morph into a more hardcore rhythm that results in increasing one’s gaming skills, achieving competitive goals, and understanding how to control one’s emotions because they’re on a schedule. The slower the buildup, the better the payoff. Develop a routine.

Don’t Overdo It

Too much of anything can be a bit hectic. Remember, everything in moderation. Don’t plan every facet of one’s life, or every single minute. Leave some room for freedom, downtime, and staying in the moment. Overexertion causes stress, and too much stress causes other health problems that nobody wants.

Treat one’s eSport progression like a job: A set number of hours or days per week and allow for some time off to relax and recuperate before the hard work resumes. During one’s routine break (see how even time off is part of the routine?), don’t be afraid to change it up.

Even breaks are part of one’s habits, for one’s mind needs time to absorb new information to improve a competitor’s skills. One’s brain sends the information to one’s limbs and fingers before their muscles carry out the action. Let the brain rest, and come back better than before. Develop a routine.

Stick to It

It’s natural for routines to become a little stale. When that happens, that’s when it’s important to stick to the schedule and push ahead. A routine should be etched so sharply in one’s being that there’s a small feeling of guilt when one veers from it. That doesn’t mean vacations can’t be taken, but just like a “normal” job, those vacation days should be earned and limited.

Persevering when it goes against every urge one has is important to any long-term commitment, whether that commitment is eSports, a passionate hobby, or health improvement. Without dedication, one runs the risk of becoming a wayward soul, lost in an abyss of uncertainty.

Order and chaos are two sides of the same coin. Too much order and things get dull quickly, and the room for growth vanishes. Too much chaos and one’s ability to focus and progress diminishes. Find the proper balance. Develop a routine.


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