My Experiences as a ‘Girl-Gamer’ & Fighting Marginalization

The game industry is often regarded as more male-oriented. Girls are being estimated not to be interested in games. They are put into the traditional role of being more interested in make-up, cooking, and preparing themselves to the future mom role.

Today, women and men play video games in approximately equal numbers. But girls are the underestimated power, they are more numerous than boys in regards to the global population, so female gamers should be regarded as the future.

Some games are more concentrated and even empowering girl power. But these games are aiming more real young players until the age of maximum 15.

Talking about the real hottest games, the ones everybody is talking about, girls might think that they won’t be accepted in the community or even being sexually harassed by guys who think that a game is a dating platform. This happened to me in the past as well.

My Recommendations

What I can recommend all girl gamers, in this case, is the following:

  • Don’t try to talk to this person anymore and don’t give out any personal information
  • Block this person from the chat, most games have this function. This way the person won’t be able to get in contact with you again
  • Report this person to the support of the related game. The support team will take appropriate action which can be in the worst-case exception of this person from the game or even prosecution.

But these are really rare cases and the worst which I have experienced. More common are derogatory comments from co-players who don’t think that girls can play the game as good as boys.

But I tell you what! THEY ARE WRONG!

How to Combat Marginalization

Girls are as good as boys, they made the same game experience, get the same weapons, do the same challenges, so they are not worse than boys.In fact, I think that girls have another power; as they think in other directions than boys typically think.  So they might take a maneuver boys wouldn’t typically go, which gives them an advantage and might help them with a challenge or a battle.

THIS is the way to combat marginalization.

If a girl has the power to fight against a boy in a game and go out of the battle as the winner, this is the moment where boys start recognizing girls as a real danger or better said as an appropriate opponent.

Personally, I miss some more female characters in games. There are lots, don’t get me wrong, but I see them very often a bit overdrawn, in a sexual way. Why are heroines often wearing a leather bra? There are so many other clothes a heroine could wear and which would give her better protection.

So, in fact, I would wish to have more girl game developers who can bring in new, modern, female aspects to their games, the way the girls of today would like to see her heroine in the game.

As long as we are still dealing with male characters which girls are forced to choose as there is no other choice in the game or that they have to live with stereotype heroines which are born in the heads of male game developers the girl’s community will still struggle.

But this should not be misunderstood as the article of a feminist who is against the game industry as it is. I love the gaming industry, and I love the games available on the market.

The gaming industry is uniting generations in a game. So uniting the genders shouldn’t be a problem as well.

Nadine Buhl

In fact, the variety is growing instantly, and personally, I am happy to see that the times of the ego-shooter games have been replaced by more tactical games that require using your brain to fulfill a task. 

This brought the whole industry out of the male gamer stereotype of the 400-pound guy sitting in front of his PC for 36 hours nonstop, drinking code and eating crisps.

The gaming industry is uniting generations in a game. So uniting the genders shouldn’t be a problem as well.

I want you to regard this article more as a wake-up call to make you aware that there is another potential that has been neglected so far. This is my impression about it, and I would be happy to see a gaming culture where more games choose male and female characters as per your preference.



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