How to Develop More Healthy Gaming Habits

Last month, we published a volume on Healthy Gaming Habits emphasizing the importance of staying healthy, focused, and motivated. Because developing healthy gaming habits is essential to high performance, here are more healthy gaming habits for your consideration.

A healthy body and mind allow you to do your best. Previously, we’ve discussed how certain foods, exercising, and taking breaks can improve your gameplay. While eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water certainly helps, these are not the only ways you can stay healthy. Let’s go over other habits to develop for both kids, adults, or enthusiast or pro gamers.

Limiting Playtime

While it is tempting to play games for hours on end, this will only result in tiring out your body and puts you at risk for developing gaming disorder. Whiler the desire to keep playing and get more done is understandable, it is also possible to get more done in a shorter amount of time. This requires a great deal of focus and some organizing if you are playing in a team.

If needed, set an alarm to monitor how long you play. You can also set alarms to remind you when to take a break. Stick to your time limits and be sure to give yourself whatever your body needs when time is up. Out of all my personal gaming experience, limiting playtime is something I’ve always had to work to maintain. You can keep telling yourself one more game, but one game quickly turns into more.

Keep Your Equipment In Shape

If you game professionally, it is especially crucial to keep your equipment clean, up to date, and unbroken. Don’t eat while gaming, as your equipment gets dirty and greasy. If you’re experiencing issues with your gaming PC, headset, or anything else, consider upgrading what you can afford. Most importantly, do not break your gaming equipment in a fit of gamer rage.

Without your gaming equipment, you can’t game well, stream, or be comfortable. Even though I just game for fun, I always take care of my tablet and my handheld console so that they last longer. Sometimes, I store my handheld in a secure case when I don’t use it and I always keep my tablet in a case too. Every now and then, I take my tablet out of its case and clean it.

Keep A Level Head

Sometimes gaming is fun and other times it makes you want to literally throw your controller across the room. As frustrating as video games can be, it is important that you keep calm and avoid hurting yourself, your equipment, and others. Your equipment might be replaceable, but it’s ridiculous and expensive to shell out the cash.

Not to mention, taking your video game frustration out on others is also unhelpful. If you’re playing with other gamers or your own team, all you will do is add fuel to the fire. You’ll ruin a good time for everyone and knock your team out of sync. To avoid anything unnecessary, it’s best to just take a deep breath and try to calm down. If necessary, step away from the game and give yourself time to cool off.

Control Your Spending

Nowadays, many games are filled with microtransactions, additional perks to purchase if you want to enhance your gaming experience. Maybe it’s a cool weapon for a character or a bag of virtual coins for purchasing upgrades. There is no harm in an occasional purchase, but constantly buying microtransactions isn’t good financially or health-wise.

The same can be said of buying video games as a whole. The fear of missing out is real when a new game seems to come out every month or goes on sale during certain seasons. However, you aren’t any less of a gamer if you don’t buy that upgrade or that must-have game that everyone is playing. Make a budget for your game spending so you don’t overdo it.

Take Care of Your Eyes

If you’re playing video games on any screen, you know that your eyes are just as important as your fingers. Be sure to play in an area with plenty of light and avoid playing video games in the dark (especially at night). Glasses that filter blue light are another proactive measure. They minimizee eye strain and avoid tears and watery eyes after prolonged screen time.

At the same time, be sure your screen’s brightness isn’t set too high either. Eye strain can result in vision problems so step away from the screen at least every hour to give them a break.


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