Esports Are Becoming the New Extracurricular Activity

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you to get away from the television and go outside and play? Those were the times. Playing outside, physical sports, and a limit on tv in general were the norm. In school, extracurricular activities usually included physical sports teams such as basketball and soccer, as well as after school clubs such as debate team and chess club. While these things are still widely popular today, a new trend has slowly risen to prominence amongst younger generations in a way unlike anything we’ve seen before. This of course is the rise of esports as an extracurricular activity. 

Esports Culture 

Rising Above Gaming Toxicity, Smartly
Esports culture has drastically changed in the past 30 years.

Take a look at any stereotypes of what a gamer was in the last 30 years and you’ll see that this stereotype has evolved greatly over time. Believe it or not, gamers were once classified as geeks, nerds, and general social outcasts.

While this sounds pretty terrible, this distorted social order did help to indirectly form the comradery and close-knit gaming community that we know and love today. It was quickly learned that there is not only safety in numbers but that it’s also pretty great to be around a group of likeminded individuals.

Which brings us to today. The gaeming community has grown past the niche group of high school outcasts and has since flooded into the mainstream. With its ever-growing prominence, the gaming community has brought one vital thing with it; acceptance.

All you die hard “OG” gamers out there are probably thinking “whatever I was gaming before it was cool…who cares?”, and I completely get it…but let’s also acknowledge how great it is that esports culture has grown to the size that it has.

With size comes innovation and it’s safe to say that some of the biggest esports innovations wouldn’t have happened without the acceptance and recognition that the industry enjoys today.

Some of the biggest esports tournaments wouldn’t have been possible without sponsorship and a massive fanbase. So, while I definitely hear you “OG” gamers, I’d have to say that the acceptance of esports culture is an overall good thing.

Now, with that point made, we can address one of the best things to happen to esports; integration with schooling.

Esports in School 

Esports Are Becoming the New Extracurricular Activity esports in school
Many schools are placing a priority on eSports and gaming

This is something many wouldn’t have dreamt of ten or twenty years ago, but today, there are school programs that are dedicated to esports and gaming. Let’s take a second to recognize the ground-breaking fact that kids are being taught how to play video games in school. Games are now part of school activities, on par with traditional sports.

That fact is revolutionary, especially when you consider the anti-screen culture of the 90s and early 2000s. Those who were once on the bottom of the social food chain, ‘the poor oppressed gamers,’ are no longer left behind. Many schools celebrate their esports teams and even hold rallies to support their student gamers.

In the schools that currently have esports programs, many of these teams are held to the same standards of their fellow physical sports teams. This respect and prioritization of esports in the school system has major pay offs for many in the form of college scholarships and even pro opportunities.

While we might be straying from the idea of esports as an extracurricular, it’s important to acknowledge that all this extracurricular play can actually lead to major rewards and life opportunities.

All of this potential in the esports industry leads us to one big question; what’s next?

The Future of Esports Extracurriculars

With how promising the esports industry is now, the truth is: we’ve only begun. Esports tournaments have shot to prominence in the last 10-15 years with prize-winning opportunities continuing to rise. With the integration of esports into mainstream culture, the world has more gamers than ever before. Like I said, the more people involved, the more innovation will take place.

There’s no telling where the esports industry will go in the future. However, it’s safe to say that esports as both as an extracurricular and a profession, will only continue to grow. Whether you’re playing for fun or going pro, Gamercraft can help you improve your skills!

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