Someone who Rarely Exercises Reviews Ring Fit Adventure

Ever since I started high school, I highly disliked exercising and working out. I have relatively low stamina and absolutely no muscle mass on my twig-like arms. Working out became a pain for me to do and my body to feel, I never exercised when I didn’t have to. When Ring Fit Adventure was announced, my ideas about exercising changed.

For many people, exercising not only helps weight loss, but it also helps to improve mood and bring a burst of energy right at the start of the day. As someone who has a high metabolism, I never really thought weight loss was necessary. I could do other things to improve my mood and gain energy through caffeine.

Doing this for over five years (with the exception of occasional walks for Pokemon Go) ended up truly taking a toll on my mental health. I also became tired from the smallest tasks. Thankfully, Nintendo decided to create a new exercise game for people to play instead of going to the gym. As someone who rarely exercises, this was a perfect opportunity to mix gaming and exercise.

Starting out in Ring Fit Adventure

Like any other Adventure games, you begin by selecting what difficulty you want to play. With Ring Fit Adventure, the difficulty is more about how many exercises you do, rather than enemy strength. “Easy Mode” is the simplest difficulty and labeled as Casual. If you already have a daily workout routine and want to change it up with gaming, Casual is the best to choose. I selected Moderate because I want to get a good workout, but I also don’t want to be too sore after not exercising for so long.

Another question the game ask before everything starts is how much do you exercise, which is not something I’m always happy to answer. I didn’t want to lie, so I answered honestly with “ Don’t exercise at all.” There was no repercussion to this selection, it was just another part of the Q&A so the game knows how to adequately give a workout without making you feel like a newborn deer afterwards. There was also a pregame stretching session which is necessary when you’re about to workout with or without a joy-con strapped to your leg.

The controls for the game are also very interesting. You control most of the game with the Ring-Con, a tambourine-sized ring that holds your right Joy-Con in place. Instead of pressing A, you squeeze the Ring-Con. Instead of a joystick, you turn the Ring-Con like a steering wheel. It’s a great way to keep at the exercise instead of picking up a controller. Once I finished my settings and had a bottle of water, it was time to begin.

What Kind of Plot could an Exercise Game Have?

Unlike Wii Fit, there is a plot to Ring Fit Adventure. In the game, your ring was a seal that held Draguax, which the player unknowingly breaks. Once Draguax is free, your Ring comes to life as a partner helping you through the game and giving advice. You travel from level to level to find Draguax and stop his evil essence from spreading. As much as you’d like to fight the big bad as soon as possible, you’ll have to exercise more and more to reach his location. I’ve never had motivation in my life to exercise, but the anticipation for fighting a powerful boss makes me want to keep jogging in place.

Within each level, there is relatively no plot going on. You are jogging while squeezing and pulling the Ring-Con to break boxes, collect coins, and break open doors. In some way, it reminded me of Crash Bandicoot, but I’m the one jogging and breaking boxes instead of pressing buttons on my controller. You also gain more experience points with the more exercises you do, so it’s fun to play, but you really feel the burn after finishing a level.

How Did It Feel After Playing a Level?

After playing the first level for the first time, I was really out of breath and thirsty. I do go on walks, but jogging is something different. My stomach started hurting as well, but that was because there was no food in my stomach after recently waking up. I wanted to take a break, but when the level results told me I only played for three minutes and burned 15 calories, I couldn’t stop.

Once I replayed level one for more exp, it was much easier the second time. I knew what I was doing after the little amount of tutorial informed me about how the game worked. After that, I immediately began level 2 and that’s when I was really starting to sweat. Enemy encounters finally began and I had to do a lot of stretches to fight one single enemy. If this encounter only had one, I couldn’t bear to imagine swarms of enemies like in other RPGs I’ve played.

Final Thoughts About Ring Fit Adventure

It may have only been 15 minutes worth of exercises and somehow I jogged an entire mile in my bedroom. But oddly enough, I was enjoying exercising. I had the motivation to start again tomorrow so I can exercise/battle it out against the boss of the beginning area. I can’t wait to start again tomorrow and I have a much higher opinion about exercising.

Annemarie Bertok
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