Gears of War 5: A Familiar but Refreshed Game

If you didn’t get the chance to play the first rounds of the Gears of War 5 online tech test, don’t worry! We have got you covered here at Gamercraft.

Any fan of the Gears of Wars franchise knows that throughout the years the games have been pretty much the same as the last (besides judgment, of course). Gears five feels like it lands in the same vein as that too, aside from a few very important changes that we have only seen in this game.

Yes, of course, it feels like the same old gears of war content, amped full of fast-paced wall bouncing and brutal Gnasher action, but beyond the usual, the gaeme genuinely feels good.

Even in its very first tech test, this Gears of War runs smoother and plays better than any of the games before in this franchise. The animation is seamless and no longer has that strange feeling of clunkiness that all the other games had.

Aside from being smooth (We really cannot stress enough how smooth the game feels, it’s nice.) The game also looks beautiful, the maps look photorealistic, and the lighting, although we’ve only been able to see one map, looks superb.

What’s New?

A few things seem to be entirely new to the franchise this time around.

Firstly, the separation between the melee button and the chainsaw/bayoneted charge button. This might not seem like a huge deal to most. But any seasoned Gears of War player knows that this has the potential to change the pacing of every player.

You can now have a distinction between when is a good time to do a quick melee slash and get someone down and when is a good time to get an instant chainsaw kill, instead of being forced to use a chainsaw.

Another big addition to the gears franchise is the addition of arcade mode. Arcade mode is basically a social quickplay game mode that allows one to pick a specific character that has their own respective weapon set and passive abiliety.

The object of Arcade is basic team deathmatch mode except the kills are going up instead of ticking down and there is no final life as a result. In arcade when you get a kill you earn skulls. These skulls are used to buy up the next set of higher tier guns.

The higher tier for each character is entirely different, ranging from the sniper to the drop shot. No power weapons, grenades, or ammo spawn on the map to the team fights aren’t centered around those areas in this game mode. This game mode is supposed to be helpful for new coming players.

Without having to be the first to the sight giving the player the ability to get powerful weapons naturally allows them to get better with those powered weapons easily.

What’s The Same?

The game, of course, is still Gears of War. So that means they’ve kept a lot from the previous stuff gears of war games. So far from what we can tell the ranked play runs pretty much the same game modes as the last game. They even kept a fan favorite from Gears Four called escalation which many of the pro players enjoyed.

We are not entirely sure if it’s just how it’s running on the beta. It seems like the ranked play might be one search option that plays a bunch of different kinds of game modes and maps in a rotation (like how Call of Duty does league play or overwatch does ranked Play) instead of explicitly searching for a game modee and getting ranked up in that game mode, which is probably for the better.

A lot of the Guns and characters in the game seem to be the same, albeit looking more aged than before. They added a few newer guns and characters that we haven’t seen before including a new pistol and a flashbang grenade that works almost too well.

However, the biggest thing that we noticed in the new Gears of War compared to all the other ones in the past is an entirely surreal experience. So far, all of the guns in the entire game seem to be completely balance, which is insane to think about.

We haven’t played a game that had decent weapon balancing since the Halo Reach days. There doesn’t seem to be a single weapon so far that isn’t unreasonably overpowered. It looks like everything has some counter, it’s nearly perfect.

While this might just be that it’s a new game and the meta hasn’t been truly found yet, it still feels really well balanced and genuinely fun to play. The even better news is that if you own the Xbox game pass or have already pre-ordered the game you have had the possibility to access the testing modees.

If you haven’t had the chance to play it, then no worries Gears of Wars fans. We have been patiently awaiting the game’s release this September 6th, 2019.


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