Gears 5: A Cumulative Review

Microsoft and Coalitions newest addition to the Gears of War franchise titled plainly “Gears 5” released for purchase today (September 10th, 2019). If you’re like me, a subscriber to Microsoft’s game streaming service “Game Pass” then you’ve probably been spending a lot of time with it for the last five days or so. So far, I’ve played through most of the content the game has to offer and am so far impressed with it. Below is a run-down of what the game has to offer and how it plaays.

(Note, I’m not gonna touch too much on the overall gameplay mechanics because I touched on that in a previous article and they haven’t changed since then, that can be read here.)

The Campaign

The campaign for this installation of Gears 5 is huge, I mean really big. It’s the longest and most extensive gears of war campaign to date.  The story hits the nail on the head with what I believe a gears of war game should be as far as plot goes. It’s gritty, it’s dark, it’s emotionally compelling, and just a little bit funny. 

The plot adds enough of the old (Gears 1-3) and enough of the new (Gears 4) to really tie the two eras up into one nice concurrent story. Gear 5 evean adds a handful of call backs from previous games in this one, so it directly connects the two stories, at least better than 4 did. 

As far as actual gameplay the campaign seems to run quite smoothly. Some of the free-roam elements become a little repetitive after a while but they’re not all that necessary to begin with. There’s a great deal of good ol’ classic gears of war boss fights. One of the newer additions to the campaign is the ability to upgrade and play as Jack in co-op. 

The only real problems that I’ve had playing through the campaign solo is that some of the dialogue is really clunky (like really just bad) and strange and sometimes there’s loading issues with checkpoints and A.I. 

Another addition to the Gears of War franchise is how the co-op is actually played, which is actually one of my only grievances with the game. Instead of the usual four-player co-op, they dropped it down to three, and one of the players are forced to play as Jack. this was cool at first and adding Jack as a playable character was a cool and original concept. But I’ve got too admit that playing as Jack gets really old, really fast.  I’d also like to note that only in co-op did I really have any issue with the game, my partners’ sounds weren’t loading in and then other friends’ guns wouldn’t load into the game.


Escape is the next game mode I’m going to touch on because it’s the newest edition to the franchise. In short, it’s good, but damn is it hard. The basic point of escape is to detonate a bomb in a hive nest and then run away from the ever-encroaching poison gas that comes from the detonation while also killing as many swarm enemies as you can. it’s a real good time.  

Now, I’ve only played the game mode on intermediate so far, but man was that even a little too difficult for me. The difficultly comes from the absolute insane lack of ammo that the game mode has. 

Firstly, you only spawn in with a pistol that has like two clips in it at the very most that’s like two kills. THEN the guns you pick up only ever have at the very most half of its max ammo. You can never find ammo in this game mode and when you do make sure you use it all before you die or else it’ll just go to waste. Again, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that this game mode is challenging. I merely need to play it more. 

Horde and Multiplayer.

I’m going to lump horde and multiplayer in to one little blurb for two reasons.

One: I’ve covered multiplayer before in the article mention above. 

Two: the sake of word count. 

Horde and multiplayer-only really come with minute changes. If you’ve played one Gears of War you pretty much get the idea of what the horde mode and multiplayer are going to be like before you even open the game. 

The horde is fun and just like any other horde for the most part. It’s gone a bunch of different difficulties that add different multipliers and make the game harder, aside from that it’s pretty much the same as every other, you pick up currency to fortify your defenses from the onslaught of oncoming enemies.  The only other real new addition to the horde is that you can play as Jack, which again, is boring but helpful.

All in all, so far we have had a blast in the game. I know some people have had matchmaking issues and such but I’m sure those will be resolved soon enough.  


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