Call of Duty World League Franchising: What it Means to You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know that the next installment of the call of duty franchise is being released this October, a lot of you have probably already had your hands on the game at this point. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is so far a culmination of a lot of new and bright ideas mixed with some of the fan-favorite aspects of the franchiise.

One of the bigger additions to the franchiise that you might not know about is in the changes of the Call of Duty Esports scene. That’s riight, the Call of Duty World League is franchising this year.

Now, this isn’t brand new information by any means, but let us walk you through what it means for the aspiring Call of Duty player, as well as the casual player.

What does it mean for the league and its players?

As of right now, the newly franchised Call of Duty World League will consist of 12 teams, with the last few additions being England, Chicago, and Seattle. Eaach team spot has so far been bought for a price upwards of twenty million dollars.

However, this means that the viewer and fan will no longer see fan-favorite teams’ names like Optic and FaZe in the Call of Duty World League. What you will see is the players of your favorite teams on new regional teams comparable to how NFL teeams are named.

A benefit to franchising is that the players get a universal base salary as well as benefits and pension. This directly legitimizes Call of Duty as a professional sport and job and lessens the ever so prevalent contract disputes that we’ve seen in the community as of late. 

Franchising also means that the Call of Duty World League becomes more regulated as a whole but at the cost of blocking out some of the amateurs from competing. No longer will the main stage competitors be picked by a previous set of qualifying online and LAN matches. It’ll only be the world league teams battling it out against each other.

However, this higher level of stability and regulation is projected to bring in a higher amount of sponsorships and outside contracts. Prior to franchising sponsorships would really depend on who had been winning and would pretty much end once they started losing.

Now that the money is relatively constant, sponsorships for the league, teams, and players will be in higher amounts all over.

What does this mean for you?

Depending on how dedicated you are to the sport, the franchising could mean a few different things to you. If you plan on becoming a professional Call of Duty player, it’s going to be harder for you to find your way to a team. No longer will you be able to make a team with a few freelance players and work your waay up the qualifying ladder to the top, it’s probably going to be a lot harder.

You’ll have to somehow get noticed by a team through your world league rank or your online video or even through your CMG winnings. However, once you do get put on a team, your hard work will really be paying off. You get a guaranteed staarting salary (which right now is predicting to be $50k) and a bunch of other benefits.

For the average viewer, you will also see some changes in the Esport that you know and love. I predict that with the coming of the next Call of Duty World League season you’ll see a huge change-up of rosters and a higher quality of content. Already have there been some serious roster upsets in the Call of Duty world (particularly with optic getting bought out) and we think the new CWL will have an easier time at switching up those rosters with trades.

With this new system, there wille be higher quality in the content put out by the World League. With all the money being put into it I suspect that the streaming quality and stage quality will get a lot better and more refined. I also believe that now that sponsorships will be of a higher degree there will be a lot more company collaborating with the players and teams to push out gear and other products.

The Call of Duty World League franchising is going to be a big win for both the professional players and the eager viewer; at the expense of some of the amateur players.


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