What Do Pro Gaming Teams Look for in Players They Sign?

It is the dream of millions of gamers across the world. To hear the crowd chant your name, to see your skills praised across the internet, to play alongside your gaming heroes for fame and fortune.

Anyone who has dreamed of even a second of becoming a pro gamer has wondered how the road to stardom works.

Many have seen pro players joining teams before, but how does the process work? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may have hoped.

The Recruiting Process Mess

Just as there is no central organization that has absolute control and organization over eSports as a whole, there is also no central organization for teams and pro players.

There is no standard recruiting process. eSports have yet to find a player pipeline comparable to that of any major professional sport. Consequently, the general approaches and processes can change from team to team and even game to game.

Some of the major games that have a wide audience, such as Overwatch or League of Legends, can have a traditional process. They sometimes have team managers that pay attention to tournaments and are constantly looking for new talent.

As well, the games themselves have ranking systems to help bring talented players to light. Though, these ranked systems don’t always showcase everything a team may want out of a player, such as teamwork or personal organization.

Such as it that most pro gamers come from their own success, putting themselves out there so that their deeds may attract some of the more prominent in the industry.

The Basic Signs of a Pro Gamer

No matter whether you are under the watchful eyes of a team or not, all of these traits below are a great part of a potent pro gaming team member.

A team would want someone who they don’t have to build up from scratch. The more skills you can demonstrate by yourself, the easier a team can integrate you.

1. Focus

There is something to be said for being an all-rounder. The problem is that every moment spent on something beyond your initial interest is less time really refining your first choice.

When it comes to pro gaming, being the best comes from focus.

The biggest part of this comes from finding the right game for you. When you have a game you have some natural talent with and enjoy pushing yourself in, that is a good game to focus on. The rest will end up as more distractions than not.

2. Practice

The life of a pro gamer is filled with practice, practice, and more practice. No amount of natural talent will end up beating someone who has pushed their body and mind to really understand their game of choice.

Every pro player will have a routine that helps them fine-tune their skills in all aspects of the game, from response time to strategy to stamina. Find a routine that works for you and be consistent about it.

3. Organization

One of the biggest unseen aspects of the pro-gaming scene is organization. For most people in the audience, pro gamers just show up in tournaments and streams and play games. There is a vague understanding of practice time, but little else.

A pro gamer needs discipline. You need to organize when your practice time is, you need to organize your streaming time as well as what events you can try and make.

You also need to really grasp what your gaming brand is; what kind of gamer do you want the world to know you as?

Organizing your brand and image on social media and streams can be a good sign that you are someone who can be managed or even manages themselves.

4. Teamwork

It may seem obvious, but teamwork can be a very undervalued aspect of looking to join a team.

Everyone wants to be a star. Gaming has a natural competition and many gamers tend to focus on their own performance and their own stats like Kill/Death ratios and points scored.

Many games have support roles built into them, especially games that have classes or characters to choose from. These roles were built with the very idea of encouraging a strong team dynamic amongst players.

When a player is able to embrace the support roles, either by playing them themselves or by working with support players, they are refining their teamwork skills.

Scholarships and Job Opportunities

If you are eager to become a pro player and get recognized by a big professional team, then you need to be on the lookout for any opportunities you can find.

More and more schools are offering scholarships for eSports. Both high school and college eSports teams are becoming more prominent and popular.

This can be a great way to not only get a team you can rise up in prominence but can also help you get a college degree in marketing or business to help advertise and structure your brand.

There are also a few job opportunity websites that can point you in the direction of eSports related jobs. While these will rarely have “Pro Player” positions, getting a job in the industry can help you get known by those who are looking for pro players.

Getting Yourself Out There

In the end, the big push for finding an eSports team of your own is getting yourself out there. Even if the eSports scene started to organize and post team tryouts and scouting tournaments, getting yourself known by your own actions will never hurt you.

Social media is king in this area. Post your stream games, interact with prominent personalities, post comments and ideas on eSports as much as you can.

Remember to make content. The more you can share with that shows off your passion and talent, the better. A writer gets nowhere when they don’t right. A gamer is the same way.

When it all comes down to it, what teams are looking for are the same things that the audience is looking for: pro gamers that foster their talent and drive and put themselves out on the world stage, ready to take their shot.

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