Top 10 College eSports Arenas in North America

eSports is vast, and that’s not even news anymore. Its tentacles have reached into colleges and even high schools. Colleges are investing big in esports with a large sum of their budget going into esports arenas. These structures are well equipped and designed to host eSports competition with a deserving crowd.

With more colleges offering eSports programs and degrees, you can rest assured esports has come to stay. This will attract more interests and sponsorship, which means more money for all parties concerned.

As more colleges build their own eSports arenas, tournament organizers might soon begin to mandate home and away matches. This will move esports a lot closer to the level of other traditional sports.

We present to you some of the best college eSports arenas around the country. With a dedicated home, college eSports might soon take a new dimension. Let’s take a look at ten college eSports arenas.

The Fortress – Full Sail University Esports Arena

This is the home of Armada, FSU’s collegiate eSports organization. The Fortress has been called the largest college eSports arena in the country. It covers a whopping 11,200 square feet of space.

It is fully equipped with the latest in gaming technology and designed to give both gamers and spectators a wonderful experience.

The Armada’s home ground can accommodate 100 eSports players to play simultaneously! That’s not all. Its capacity can also take over 500 fans who wish to watch the action.

Western Michigan University Esports Arena

In 2017, WMU President, Edward Montgomery founded the Transformational Initiative Fund. $500,000 out of the $1m fund was channeled to esports in the school which funded the creation of the eSports arena.

The fund was committed to renovating the Little Theater on the campus into this eSports arena. It features 26 state-of-the-art PC, of which 12 are dedicated for live gaming. There are two projector screens also on the state, and the arena can sit up to 200 spectators.

Ohio State University Esports Arena

OSU is a leader in quite a number of university curriculums, and it is about to add eSports to that. It seeks to offer degrees in esports management, the business of games, game design, and production, etc. It is also currently researching what makes esports gamers tick and how to improve their performance.

Its arena isn’t huge but will have an impressive influence on collegiate eSports. It will be the home of OSU’s eSports teams with 80 gaming PCs the players will practice and compete with.

University of California, Irvine Esports Arena

UCI owns a modern eSports arena that covers 3,500 square feet of space. It has 80 gaming PCs from iBUYPOWER fully loaded with top eSports games. The arena also has large viewing screens for spectators as well as a broadcasting studio.

The UCI arena will be the home to its eSports teams. It has 25 students as staff members while more can volunteer as broadcasters, analysts, etc. Every student in the school is allowed to come in and play for $4/hour. Its LoL team is already decorated, and the school offers scholarships to its players.

Shenandoah University Esports Arena

This is one of the schools that offer degrees in eSports. This university has a robust eSports program that encourages students to chase a career in eSports, whether as a professional gamer or eSports management.

Its eSports arena will only open in August 2019, but it is worth looking forward to. The 1,571 square-foot space will also accommodate students from Virginia public high schools. It has space for 70 viewers and 12 gaming PCs, courtesy of Logitech International, as well as three 12-foot projector screens.

Boise State University eSports Arena

BSU started its eSports program in 2017, and since then its eSports team has been doing well and bringing recognition to the school. With the help of sponsors, the school went ahead to commit to its own eSports arena that will serve as home turf to its eSports teams.

The arena features a 2-tiered stage for the players with gaming PCs. It also has a professional broadcasting station, graphics and mixing areas, and then an ample space for spectators to enjoy their eSports teams slug it out in competitions and practice.

Miami University eSports Arena

The school has a dedicated space for its eSports players to practice and compete. It has teams that compete in Lol, Overwatch, Hearthstone, etc. The space used for this arena is part of the Kings Library on its campus.

Though it really isn’t a big arena like you will find in other colleges, but it plays a significant part in putting the school on the radar when it comes to collegiate eSports. As its eSports teams keep getting better and winning more laurels, perhaps they will get sponsors and build a befitting structure.

Washington and Lee University Esports House

This school does not just have an arena for eSports; it has an entire house for it. The eSports house in WLU can accommodate 17 residents. Of course, they are the members of the school’s eSports teams.

It doubles as the school’s eSports headquarters where eSports athletes and fans can meet. Its sports PCs for the students to practices different eSports titles and doubles as the home arena for its eSports teams.

Grand Canyon University Esports Arena

GCU eSports has one of the largest rosters in collegiate eSports. It boasts of over 100 student-athletes across 17 eSports teams. Its teams play in Fortnite, Hearthstone, LoL, Overwatch, etc.

Of course, you won’t expect such a commitment to eSports not to have a place they call home. The arena is undergoing a redesign so it can accommodate more activities. Its lounge will become more substantial. There will be more consoles and over 70 gaming PCs for both practice and competition. The GCU eSports arena will be reopened in the Fall of 2019.

University of Akron eSports Arenas

The university has not one, not two, but three eSports facilities on its premises. If this does not show commitment to eSports, we wonder what does. These state-of-the-art arenas are meant to support the needs of its eSports teams and for casual play.

The arenas were created so that gaming students can have places they meet and interact. The eSports athletes, too, can have a home arena and where they can practice. The overall goal is to promote eSports in the university and make recreation more fun.

As you can see, eSports will continue to grow as it is digging its way into the grassroots. If you aim to become an eSports athlete, any of these schools is an excellent choice to attend. If you think there is a school that should be on this list that we missed, kindly let us know in the comments.

eSports arenas in colleges will surely get more people interested in this genre of sports. That said, if you want to take your gaming to the professional level, you will need some training. That is something we’re quite good at here at Gamercraft. Contact us today!


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