The Habits of eSports Champions

The true strength of competition is not in a single moment of victory but in a lifetime of success. That’s not just an inspirational message, that is a solid truth that every eSports player needs to take to heart.

Whether you wish to emulate your favorite eSports champion or just curious about how they got to the place they are at today, you need to understand the habits of an eSports champion.

The Habits of Champions

There is often a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to celebrities and other successful people. For a variety of reasons, many believe that the talented and successful people of the world are just blessed by a higher power to perfect in every way. The alternative is that they have found perfect luck that granted them this blessing.

The point is that people tend to prefer the idea that success is luck based instead of the truth: that most success is based on hard work and good habits.

If you are looking to be like the pros, you need to form the same habits they have. What kind of habits are we talking about? Let’s go over the big ones.

The Right Kind of Confidence

Confidence is always noted as being a key component to success. What does that really mean? When you are in the middle of a game that lasts less than half an hour at most, there is often only seconds of potential reaction time.

When you only have a few seconds to react to any one particular play, stopping to second guess yourself will only doom you.

Now, that is not to say that you cannot have limits and you cannot make mistakes. The idea with this kind of confidence is that you have put so much practice into your skills, you have to then trust that they will help you react.

When you are confident in your skills, the skills you have learned will be the reaction, not your thoughts.

Accepting Loss

No one is unstoppable. Everyone has their winning streaks but everyone falls eventually. The idea is on how you take that loss.

There is a powerful tool inside of loss.  When you lose, you have an opportunity to reflect on what made you weak and what made you falter. This is a road to improvement.

A good champion will not let a loss discourage them but instead welcome them eagerly as a chance to truly build upon their weaknesses.

Gaining Flexibility In-Game

When you have confidence, you react properly. When you learn from losing, you improve properly. With both of these, you gain flexibility in your gaming.

When a surprise hits you, and the situation turns south, you need the speed to react. When that surprise is different each and every time, you need to have a large variety of ideas and tools at your disposal.

Shifting your tactics on the fly allows you to better adapt to any opponent. Being willing and able to shift and learn is a key component of any fight.

Many games in the eSports community change month to month, or even faster, so you need to adapt to every problem. The moment you refuse to adapt as the game changes around you is the moment you lose.


Very few eSports games are purely solo. The idea behind this comes from an idea that relying on other people is a test of skill that no quick finger or sharp eye can compensate for.

Working together as a team requires communication. If you are in trouble and need backup, the only way to ensure that happens is through open communication.

As well, your team expects certain aspects of you at any given time, depending on your role. If you are not openly communicating how well you can perform that role, you are damaging your team’s ability to rely on you.

For example, you get into a nasty 1v1 with an opponent. You had to use your Ultimate ability to save yourself. Even though you are still alive and can help out, your Ultimate ability is on cooldown and you are not working at peak efficiency.

If you do not communicate that turn of events, then your teammates are not aware that they need to compensate. If they make an attack and expect you to be able to do your Ultimate then, then everyone has set themselves up for failure because they did not communicate.

Innovation with Strategy

When playing in a game, you have a small amount of time to take action. When that is the case, you need to rely on skill, teamwork, and all the above to win.

When the game is done and you await the next one, there is another key habit you need to remember: you need to pay attention to the competition and innovate as needed.

The time in a game is finite and using it to figure out how to counter an opponent is wasteful and ultimately self-defeating.

Take time as a pro player and as a team to innovate and change your strategy. When you do your research and your practice, a few simple words to switch to an alternate strategy makes you and your team ready and your chances of victory higher.

Turning Actions into Habits

In a general sense, none of these habits are groundbreaking ideas. As well, none of these habits are impossible to do.

What sets the pro players apart from the casual gamer is not that they are able to do these things, but that they always do these things. They are a habit, ground into their subconscious. They do not play without these thoughts guiding their actions.

To make these simple actions into habits requires a strong level of discipline and patience. Habits do not form overnight, nor do they come from reading an article or two.

Habits require practice day in and day out. Habits are what you do over and over and over again until to not do it seems silly. Habits are a dedication that you need to make to yourself. The moment you slack and think you are fine is the moment you risk undoing all your hard work.

If you want something, you have to run for it. It is not a sprint, but a marathon.


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