The Career Paths within the eSports Industry

The explosive style of eSports has millions of gamers across the world eager to see their favorite eSports competitors fight for the top prize.

Yet, many gamers want to do more than just spectate, they want to dive in full force.

What does it take to be a part of the eSports action? There is more to it than you might think.

Beyond the Professional Gamer

The Career Paths within the eSports Industry

The glamor and excitement of eSports stems from the professional gamer. The very idea of being paid to play video games is a dream come true for pretty much any gamer. The sheer rockstar status of many professional gamers only adds to the ideal.

Of course, becoming one of the privileged few to become a professional eSports gamer is slim. It requires a big mix of talent, business savvy, and pure luck to become one.

The number of professional gamers compared to the number of players who want to be professional says it all.

The positive is that you don’t need to be a professional gamer to delve into the world of eSports. Many other career paths connect to eSports and beyond.

If you are interested in the eSports idea, check out some of these career paths.

Event Casters (Shoutcasters)

The Career Paths within the eSports Industry
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Casters are eSports commentators and will often be the face of any broadcasted eSports event. For those who watch sports like football or baseball, you will see these kinds of presenters all the time.

The job of a caster will be to provide commentary before, during, and after the game. They may also do interviews or analysis during or outside the event.

There are no set requirements on what a caster needs to do at any given event, but the best casters will be able to do a little bit of everything and have an outgoing personality to match.

Analysts, Coaches, and Team Managers

The Career Paths within the eSports Industry

These three positions focus on different layers of organizing and refining a professional gamer or gaming team. They have a bit of overlap at times but are still three distinct ideas.

An analyst takes a wide variety of data from player performances, event standings, game notes and trends, and puts it all together to provide an interest review of the eSports world. This data can help to push player direction and can even drive the direction of the eSports community as a whole.

eSports coaches are the people who directly influence and train the players themselves. Taking the information of the analyst and the contracts and organization of the team managers, coaches help create a routine and environment that can push a professional gamer to their proper peak.

The team managers are the organizers of a gaming professional and their team. They arrange contracts, scope out new talent, enter the team into tournaments, manage other staff, and create schedules for the players.

These three provide the what, who, and when of any competent professional gaming team.

Tournament and Event Staff

The Career Paths within the eSports Industry

While streaming content certainly has its merits and will be a staple of the gaming scene, competitive and otherwise, for years to come, nothing beats a big and flashy event.

Gaming tournaments have only increased in size and style over the years, and a lot of that has to do with the people behind the scene.

Tournament organizers and technicians provide a stable structure that allows the masses to enjoy a real event similar to the physical sports that eSports often gets compared to.

Most of the people behind the scenes are stage technicians of a large variety. They include lighting technicians, sound engineers, stagehands, and technical directors. All of these jobs also seamlessly blend with any other significant media performers like music concerts and theater.

Content Journalist

The Career Paths within the eSports Industry

When you have a score of information, tournament results, and gaming trends flying around the internet at crazy speeds, it is hard to keep up with it.

In comes the content journalist. They are writers that can come from a variety of backgrounds and work from a massive host of blogs and websites. Some even do vlogs on YouTube or other sites.

These people gather and parse out all the information you could want on eSports. They often update weekly or even daily with articles and posts about the latest trends and news.

Like the event staff, content journalists will branch off to a variety of subjects, and often do, covering other forms of gaming, movies, pop culture, and others.

eSports Variety

The Career Paths within the eSports Industry

Besides the major ones listed here, there is a massive amount of other jobs and connections that you can find within the eSports industry.

Marketing and public relations people are enormous, and often attach themselves to teams and companies to help sell events and their team itself. They will focus on advertisements and sponsorships to boost the revenue streams of events and eSports organizations.

Community and social media managers are often the front faces to the fanbase that help connect the fans and their favorite players. This usually requires massive amounts of engagement. Lots of promotions and community events go through this person.

There are also legal and financial considerations throughout eSports. Even someone as non-gaming related as an accountant or lawyer can get involved in the eSports community.

The list goes on and on. There is so much that goes into eSports. The events, the merchandise, the community outreach, all of it is brought to you by the people behind the gamers. If you’re interested in getting into the eSports industry, check out some of the above career paths. You won’t regret it.


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