How to Find a New eSport, or Fall in Love With One

Like IRL sports, each game has its own set of complex rules, larger than life personalities and historical storylines that influence each day in the eSport. Getting into a sport can be hard, but being passionate about something is extremely rewarding, mainly because it can teach players things about the game they would never have found on their own.

The best part about modern eSports is access to content. Unlike baseball or football, there is no dealing with game blackouts, expensive TV packages, or half-baked mobile apps. Instead, nearly every second of an eSport’s season is broadcast live with recordings of every event logged forever on the internet.

Whether you’re already a professional player or a 65-year-old grandmother looking to find something to fill up your retirement years, there is a game for everyone.

Getting into Fortnite

Fortnite is king right now, so it is a natural choice for people looking to get into the eSports community. Rather than teams like Overwatch, Fortnite is fueled by personalities, with most of them continually streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

If you somehow don’t know how the game works, players are dropped into a map with 99 other people, the last one standing wins. As the map contracts via a deadly storm, players pick up weapons and materials to build defensive or offensive structures. As the game has evolved, building techniques have become more complex and elaborate.

In a professional setting, players join random games with kills and wins giving them points in the tournament.

While there is no shortage of people streaming Twitch, there are a few standouts.

How to find a new eSport, or fall in love with your first

The most notable Fortnite player and streamer is Ninja, with a mostly PG-rated stream, Ninja is an excellent choice for parents looking to explore the sport with their kids or people who just want to avoid profanity.

How to find a new eSport, or fall in love with your first

A great choice is TSM_Daequan, whose hyper-expressive commentary over consistent in-game skills keep people returning to his stream. Daequan blew up accidentally after leaving fill on when getting into a squad match with a popular streamer. After success, people began to flock to his channel.

Now is a perfect time to get into Fortnite considering the summer will be packed with events related to the game’s world cup.

An Overwatch Primer

Overwatch is the most similar in structure to IRL sports, with teams, divisions and mascots to latch on to. If you don’t already have an understanding of the eSport, pick a team with a cool logo and color scheme, and add their schedule to a calendar to get notifications of the events here.

The game is also a hero shooter, meaning, there are a ton of different characters to play, each with distinctly different play styles.

Overwatch has multiple game modes for the six-player teams to participate in. The control game mode requires both sides to fight over a central point. The more players on the point, the faster they can take it if enemies are on the point the counter stops.

Escort missions require teams to push a moving payload further into enemy territory with each side having a chance to drive it farther than the other.

The assault game mode requires the attacking team to capture one point after another, with respawns changing as the game goes on. The defending team has to stop the attacking team from taking these points. As the game goes on, the point gets closer to the defending team’s spawn, nudging the advantage in their direction. At half time sides switch.

The hybrid game mode combines the assault and escort game modes.

Information on teams can be found on the Overwatch website, but here are a few notable teams.

How to find a new eSport, or fall in love with your first

The Titans are number one in the Pacific division with an undefeated record. If Canadian teams are your thing, this is the team to follow.

fusion arena facade

The Philadelphia Fusion is a good pick for someone looking for a decent team with a possibility of making the playoffs. Currently ranked 10, the Fusion came up short in last year’s finals versus the London Spitfire. It also helps that their black and orange colors look damn good on the Overwatch’s heroes.

How to find a new eSport, or fall in love with your first

There are a ton of other choices for people who want to find another eSport to get into. The Smash Bros. series has the most history. Some of the biggest names in the sport have played for a decade and developed the game into something its developers never meant to be.

There is even a four hour documentary on the game that illustrates its history and the reason so many people have fallen in love with the games.

Other popular choices include Dota 2 for MOBA fans, Counter-Strike for FPS fans and StarCraft II for RTS fans.


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