Fortnite World Cup Top Earners Disrupt Rankings

The Fortnite World Cup is now done and dusted and Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf is the champion. This made him the top Fortnite earner so far in 2019. To think the 16-year-old was nowhere to be found on the list of top earners prior to the Fortnite World Cup.

Emerging as the winner of the Fortnite Solos Tournament instantly added a whopping $3m to his name! Other players have earned up to $1m apiece playing Fortnite World Cup.

Harrison ‘psalm’ Chang came second in the solos and went home with a cool $1.8m. David ‘Aquav2’ W and Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen are the champions of the Fortnite World Cup Duos. The duo won $1.5m each placing them as the Fortnite top earners in their respective countries.

This shows how massive the esports title’s prize pool has become. This esports title was released only in 2017 and it’s already at this level. You can check out our post on how Fortnite waltzed into prominence. It is now the second esports game to have produced the highest number of millionaires in prize money.

The first, of course, is Dota 2 because of how long it has been and the huge prize pool of The International. However, Fortnite still reigns supreme in 2019 as the esports title with the highest prize pool now at over $51m.

As you can expect, the ranking of the top earners in Fortnite has taken an overhaul. We’re happy to present you with the new list of Fortnite top earners.

Fortnite Top Earners

Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf: $3,025,900

This teenager hit the big leagues in some grand style. He won just $1,250 in the whole of 2018 and before the World Cup has only earned $24, 650 this year.

The Sentinels, his esports organization, would have been rooting for him since he became the first player to qualify for the Fornite World Cup in North America East Region.

He also won the UMG Friday Fortnite and the Trios Cash Cup 2 NA East earlier this year. Bugha is now the 10th highest-ranking esports player overall and the 2nd highest in the United States.

Harrison ‘psalm’ Chang: $1,946,461

Harrison has been an esports professional for a while now. In fact, he was retired before making a comeback as an independent pro.

He used to play Heroes of the Storm under the banner of Tempo Storm, an esports organization. After his retirement in 2018, he became a pro Fortnite player.

A little over a year later, here he is as the runner up of the Fortnite World Cup. His take-home after the World Cup represents his highest earning from esports.

He is now the 27th highest-ranking overall earner and the 5th in the United States.

David ‘Aquav2’ W: $1,568,667

David is a Cooler Esports player from Austria. He is one of the partners that won the Fortnite World Cup Duos recently concluded. This winning is also his highest in his career representing 98.81% of his overall earnings.

The Fortnite World Cup really changed things for a lot of esports players. Most of the rest of his income came from smaller Fortnite tournaments.

Aquav2 is now ranked 39 in overall earnings and number 1 in Austria.

Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen: $1,512,536

Emil is the other half of the Fortnite World Cup-winning duo. He used to be a Team Secret player but was carrying the banner for Cooler Esports when he won the big money.

He has been a pro player long before now but this is his first big money win.

Nyhrox is now the #42 in the highest overall ranking with a top position in the earners ranking for Norway.

Shane “EpikWhale”: $1,264,950

Shane is an American independent pro esports player with Fortnite as his game of choice. He finished 3rd at the World Cup Finals Solo and bagged $1.2m.

He has earned some money at smaller Fortnite tournaments earlier this year but his 3rd place is his biggest winning.

Apparently, 2019 is his first year as a professional esports player. What a run he has made!

EpikWhale won all of his career prize money in just 4 tournaments in a span of 90 days! What a time to be alive!

He now sits at #57 in the highest overall ranking and #6 from the US.

Dave “Rojo” Jong: $1,167,500

Dave is a Lazarus pro player. He represented the esports organization as part of the duo that came second at the Fortnite World Cup Finals Duo. That achievement earned him 96.36% of his career prize money totaling to $1.125m.

He also came 1st at the Fortnite World Cup Week 10 – Europe winning $10,000. He is now #68 on the top earner’s list and #1 in the Netherlands.

Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman: $1,136,800

Wolfiez just became a professional esports player this year and he has already passed the $1m mark! The Fortnite WC Duo, he was the other half that came second, was just his 3rd tournament that awards cash prizes.

Anyone still having doubts about having an esports career needs to note this. He became a player for Lazarus after he came 1st at the Fortnite World Cup Week 10 – Europe. That’s great scouting from Lazarus, no?

Jaden is now the 71st highest overall esports earner and the new top earner in the United Kingdom.

Nate “Kreo” Kou: $1,167,550

Kreo signed for Lumosity Gaming to play Fortnite in 2018. He was released from his contract this February after a personal skirmish with another Fortnite player.

He didn’t let that keep him from winning the UGM: Fortnite Head to Head. He later signed for Lazarus ahead of the Fortnite World Cup where he finished 4th in the Solos. That earned him $1.05m.

This shot his straight to #67 on the world overall earners list and he is now the #1 from Hong Kong.

There you have it. Some of the top players that have earned millions playing the Fortnite World Cup 2019. This list of Fortnite top earners was ranked according to the total these esports players have made from the game.

The turnaround these pro players have experienced in just one weekend should inspire you to chase your esports dream. This industry does not look like it’s going anywhere but up. So, team up with Gamercraft to bring out the best in your abilities.


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