7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

eSports have been highly popular in Asia for some time. The Asian eSports audience is almost bigger than that of Europe and America, combined. Countless teams are playing some of the most popular eSports, including DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and more! Which teams rise to the occasion and continue to overtake their opponents on the battlefield?

1. Newbee

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

Based in China, the DOTA 2 team won The International in 2014 and 2017 taking a total of 8.9 million USD combined from the events. Other team title games include Starcraft, Warcraft, and more.

2. Wings Gaming

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

The China based DOTA 2 team won 9 million USD at The International 2016 event. All 5 major players later left the team in 2017 to form Team Random. The team competed in only one event before disbanding later that year.

3. Vici Gaming

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

Based in China, the team took 1st place in the 2019 EPICENTER Major winning $350,000 USD. The team also took 1st inDreamLeaguee Season 11 winning another $350,000 USD. Team games include DOTA 2, Leaguue of Legends, Overwatch, and more.

4. LGD Gaming

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

The China based organization started in 2012 when they picked up a popular League of Legends team. LGD went on to take 2nd in NESO 2017 winning 40,000 Yen ($370 USD) and 3rd in NEST 2017 winning 80,000 Yen ($740 USD).

5. SK Telecom T1

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

The team represents South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom. They recently took 1st in the LCK Spring Playoffs winning a total of 100,000,000 Won (about $858,000 USD).

6. Jin Air Greenwings

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

Based in South Korea, the team was formed back in 2011. Popular South Korean airline, Jin Airlines sponsored the team in 2013. The team won the LCK summer promotion and LCK 2019 spring with a prize of 10,000,000 Won (about $85,000 USD). League of Legends is the team’s primary game.

7. J Team

7 Popular eSports Teams in Asia

Formerly known as the Taipei Assassins, the team is based in Taipei, Taiwan. The team was founded in 2012 and was later acquired by celebrity Jay Chou and rebranded to the J Team. They are best known for its League of Legends World Championship win in 2012. Since then, the Assasins have gone on to win many more events since that time. Team games include League of Legends and Starcraft.

So, did your favorite team make the list? Which teams do you think will rise through the ranks and become the next most popular eSports team in Asia?


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