High School Esports: Main Leagues

High school eSports have been on the rise since 2018. States such as New York, Georgia, and Indiana have made competitive gaming a part of their after school activities, with some even making an entire lab dedicated to esports training. Not only has this resulted in certain schools winning state esports championships, but this has also opened the door for colleges recruiters looking to add esports players to their rosters.

Moreover, paths to a professional esports career have also been paved with the support of official leagues formed specifically for high school esports. These leagues join forces with schools all over the United States to help them form a team, earn esports equipment, and participate in seasonal tournaments. This is largely the result of eSports becoming a profitable asset, a global billion dollar industry that is churning out more esports players and tournaments every year. 

Right now, eight states are currently participating in high school eSports, with more as a potential possibility. Whether you are looking at a certain state, a certain league, or a certain esports game, there are plenty of high schools ready to sit down and get their game on. Here is a list of some of the most prominent ones.

Official Leagues

Play VS

One of the only officially sanctioned high school esports leagues, Play VS might be the biggest supporter of high school competitive gaming. Formed in 2018, Play VS helps schools find a coach, build a team, compete, and win championships. Schools benefit from Play VS by increasing participation in school activities, involving them in STEM-related fields, and get them access to college opportunities.

High School Esports League

This online league is good for high schools just getting started in esports. Their introduction kit provides step by step instructions on how to set up your high school esports club, including finding a teacher sponsor, building a community, and eventually entering varsity esports. Membership is priced at various plans suited to different needs, including seasonal and annual membership. Benefits offered include participation in the HSEL major tournaments (which let you compete against other schools in your region), sponsered LAN parties, and varsity esports club management.

Electronic Gaming Federation

Tailored to both high school and college esports, the EGF aims to help students suceed in Esports and in the classroom. Flexibility allows them to incorporate Esports into existing high school courses. Students can also earn course credit by helping to run their school’s league and also learn about jobs in Esports outside of competitive gaming.

Individual High School Leagues By State

Rhode Island Interscholastic League

Focusing specifically on Rhode Island high school sports teams, the Rhode Island Interscholastic League values esports just as much as other high school varsity sports like basketball and hockey. When it comes to esports, they are especially enthusiastic about the fall and spring seasons. Recent victories include League of Legends State Championship winners Hextech Hawks of Bishop Hendricken High. 

Orange County High School Esports League

Comprised of the high school esports team of Orange County, California, the OSCHEL officially came together in the Spring of 2018. A unique aspect of this league is that it aims to help teams with no Esports experience get off the ground in two months. Another feature is how Esports is also featured in the classroom as part of the regular curriculum, allowing students to learn marketing, entrepreneurship, and earn credits in Esports based courses.

Munster Esports (Indiana)

Hailing from Munster, Indiana, the Munster High School esports team is currently one of the top leagues in the state. The team typically plays three games, including League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League. Recently, the team celebrated the grand opening of its Esports arena this April and placed second in the national Rocket League champships last year.

Lambert High School and Pickens High School (Georgia)

Suwanee, Georgia’s Lambert High School recently became the League of Legends champions in season one of the Esports State Championships. Their victory concides with that of Pickens High School’s Rocket League victory in the same state championships. Both victories are a wonderful feat for Georgia’s high school esports, especially considering that the state just made esports a part of certain schools in 2018.


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