Balancing Gaming And Academics For Success at College

One of the first things I had to learn in college was balancing gaming and academics. As an avid gamer merely giving up a beloved hobby was not an option for me. I have found that most people advocate for time management as a solution. I disagree and think it is more about personal balance then time regimentation. It is finding the perfect balance between your academic life and your hobby.

The importance of balance rather than time management has been increased with the talk of Video Game addictions. Although on average most gamers are not addicts, there have been some extreme cases already documented. Time management is more controlled and less personalized, whereas finding a balance is entirely up to you. It is essential to learn how to find a balance between your hobby and your academics so that video games don’t become the main priority of your college experience.

Essential Tips For Finding Balance In Gaming And Academics

There is a set of basic rules that can be followed to help you maintain and balance your gaming habits while still keeping up with academics. They are just simple tweaks you can make to your daily routine that will help increase your academic performance but still leave time for a round or two of your favorite games.

Healthy study habits in a distraction free working environment.

1. Create a Study Environment

Studying is very important to success in any academic field. Learning good study habits early on will help with maintaining good grades and staying up to date with your lectures. It is crucial that you create a peaceful study environment that is free of distractions.

While many believe that multitasking is merely trying to study while maintaining performance in a video game is very difficult. Studies show that people who multitask are only 50% effective at both tasks. If you study while playing a game, you will only retain 50% of the information from your subject.

It is better overall to put all your attention on one thing at a time. Creating a good study environment free of distractions will allow you to retain more, and your high score will continue to be high without the constant distraction of homework.

Controller in a study environment.

2. Create a Reward System

College is hard, and at the end of a long day, a good hour of video game time can be something to look forward to. Using video games as a chance for a self-reward helps change your perspective on the game itself. Instead of it being just something you do, you can work towards earning more time for yourself or even new games entirely.

If you had a big test coming up, you could study, and if you got an A, you get 3 hours of game time. By pacing you the game time or game purchases through real-world accomplish, you can work to better yourself and still maintain a healthy video gaming lifestyle. A simple reward system can help in balancing gaming and academics.

Hands holding a controller and playing a video game.

3. Be Selective About What You Play During Your Freetime

There is a big difference between a 15 minute Call of Duty match and 4 hours questing adventure in Skyrim. When taking a break from your schoolwork to be selective about the game you choose as some will take longer than others. If you have a whole weekend, then there is no reason not to take on the epic questlines in Dragon Age but if you only have an hour maybe a single battle in Monser Hunter will do.

Choosing a game that is appropriate for the time you have available is important. If you have a long weekend, there is no reason you can not go on a long game binge but during the academic week spending your time wisely is essential.

Time For Your Success

Whether your just an avid gamer or a competitive Esports competitor balancing your time is essential to academic success. Gaming is important to your life, but you are at college for a reason. You can find the perfect balance that will be good for you. Some people find that they need more study time than others while some never study at all. The goal is finding what works for you.

It can be hard early on, but once you get into a pattern of healthy study and gaming behavior, you will find it easy to continue. Just make sure that your study time is being used for the study. Success is all about balancing gaming and academics.

Once you master balancing your academics and gaming habits, you will be on your way to success. A good time is momentary, but healthy habits are forever.


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