10 Universities That Offer eSports College Scholarships

Do you have solid skills in video games but only play as a hobby? If you are preparing to get into college, will an esports college scholarship make you take video gaming seriously? If you just answered “yes,” you will do great to keep reading.

If you don’t know yet, just like colleges offer scholarships to good athletes in physical sports, some of them also provide esports college scholarships for good ‘video game athletes.’ Finally, here’s your chance to become a sports celebrity.

eSports are fast becoming popular! The awareness of the digital sport was at 1.28 billion in 2017 and rose to 1.43 billion in 2018. Statista.com has estimated that in 2019, 1.57 billion people will be aware of esports. Hopefully, that will include your parents. Goldman Sachs also forecasts the global revenue of esports might reach a whopping $2.96 billion by 2022.

What do all these mean to you? Imagine that you get an esports college scholarship that discounts your tuition by 50%. Your parents will eventually praise you for spending all those long hours in front of the screen. Won’t you like that?

Schools that are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) offer officially recognized varsity esports team. So, these NACE schools are the ones we are presenting to you. The reason is simple, these varsities commit funding to esports, and they are your best options for getting an esports college scholarship.
If you’re already getting excited about the possibilities, let us add some reality to it. Here are 10 of the colleges and universities you can get an esports college scholarship from.

1. Bay State College – Boston Massachusetts

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Source: Bay State College

This college prides itself on becoming the first institution in Massachusetts to join NACE. That’s not all; it also announced that it has the intention of officially competing in the Fall of 2019.

Bay State College offers an esports college scholarship that will discount your college education. That way, you can graduate without being neck deep in debt. However, the scholarship is limited to a number of students, so you better be ready to prove yourself against the competition.

Talking about competition, the on-campus esports college arena is already open, and recruitment has started. Some of the games they involve include League of Legends and Fortnite.

2. West Virginia Wesleyan College – Buchannon, West Virginia

Here’s another first! This college is the first in the state to offer esports at the varsity level. To cap it up, it is the second school in the country to provide scholarships for Fortnite. It is a member of American Video Game League (AVGL), Collegiate Starleague (CSL), and of course NACE.

The school takes its esports team as seriously as any of its varsity sports teams. If you make it on its esports team, you have entitlements similar to that of the existing athletics program. Why not? You are representing Wesleyan in sports!

The school fields its student-athletes in esports titles such as Smash Bros., League of Legends, and Fortnite. Some more game titles will be included along the line.

3. Western Kentucky University – Bowling Green, Kentucky

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Source: WKU

This school has committed to collegiate esports since May of 2016, so you can be sure it’s not joking about it. It has 18 players and two coaches in its team and is still looking to expand.

WKU states on its esports webpage that it aims to become known as the top university for esports in the country. Does that sound like a college you’d like to get a scholarship from? The school claims that it aims to achieve that by providing top of the line equipment to its dedicated esports arena.

That’s not all. It also claims that it is offering more esports college scholarship opportunities to attract the best talents in the world! Does that sound like WKU is calling your name? The school started its esports program with a League of Legends team. This year, it has already added teams for Rocket League and Overwatch.

4. University of Saint Mary – Leavenworth, Kansas

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Photo credit: GoSpires

The esports program in this school is entirely new. We’re sure you can see the bright side of that. There will be a new arena with spanking new equipment to play with. Best part yet, USM offers an esports college scholarship that you can benefit from.

This does not mean that you will be able to walk into the varsity esports team easily though. The team’s head coach is an esports legend in his own right. So, you can rest assured you will have to prove yourself.

It doesn’t end there. Being one of the top Midwestern colleges, you will need to have a minimum of 2.5 CGPA to stand a chance of getting admitted at all. Hopefully, you’ve been keeping a healthy gaming-schooling balance. If you end up making it to USM’s esports team, you get a chance to rep the school in Fortnite, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and more.

5. University of Mount Union – Alliance, Ohio

2019 is an excellent year for the tech-headed students at Mount Union. In the Fall of this year, the school will be officially adding esports to its programs. To make it even unique, it is offering esports college scholarship opportunities to its students.

The program will be raising a team for Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends. UMU’s esports college arena is a state-of-the-art facility with custom-built PCs and other equipment to make your gaming experience worth it. It even has ‘free play’ PCs for those who are not in a team to feel among.

6. Texas Wesleyan University – Fort Worth, Texas

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Photo Credit: Texas Wesleyan University

The eSports team in this school is open to more than just gamers. If you are not interested in playing, you can still join them. They are looking for student coaches and opponent analysts, moderators, and even writers for their YouTube page.

Its scholarship program is opened to everyone involved in the school’s esports. It has a team for each of League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. The good thing about this is that you can still get an esports college scholarship even if you are not part of the gaming teams.

7. St. Claire College – Windsor, Ontario

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Photo Credit: Saints Gaming

This is for those who are willing to go far North, all the way to Canada, for their higher education. The college proudly announced its esports program in 2017. As part of its commitment to the program, it developed an esports college scholarship program in support of its teams.

The Saints Gaming, as its esports program is called, has teams for Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, etc. It even has esports teams for console games. Just so you know, Saints Gaming is sponsored by some prominent brands so, this can be a good shot.

8. Southern New Hampshire University – Hooksett, New Hampshire

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Photo Credit: SNHU

If you are passionate about video gaming, this is one university that shares your passion. You can go here and let your gaming skills make your tertiary education more affordable. The school offers esports college scholarships to both new and existing students.

Its esports and scholarship will be kicking off in the Fall of this year, which should be in time for freshmen admission. The school even has housing dedicated to gamers so you can fully immerse into a gamer’s lifestyle.

You will have a chance to join esports teams for Overwatch, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

9. Siena Heights University – Adrian, Michigan

When a university invests $200,000 in its esports arena, you can rest assured it means business. It also has an agreement with ASUS’s Republic of Gamers (ROG). What more can you ask for? If an esports program is one of the things that will make you select a school, SHU is one heck of a good choice.

It is the first tertiary institution in the state of Michigan that will offer esports program with the backing of a scholarship. If you join this school and make it into its esports team, you can compete in Rocket League, Hearthstone, Overwatch, or League of Legends. You can also play in console sports such as FIFA or Madden NFL.

10. Shenandoah University – Winchester, Virginia

10 Colleges and Universities That Offer Esports Scholarships
Photo Credit: Shenandoah U

It does not say in this school’s elaborate esports page that it offers esports scholarship. However, its commitment to the digital sport has earned it an honorable mention. It offers esports as a multi-track major!

eSports will soon become a two-billion-dollar industry, and it will most definitely need a specialized workforce. This school can help you merge your passion for video gaming with academia as you can earn a unique university degree.

Whether you merely want to play esports as an athlete representing your alma mater or you want to become a professional in this budding industry, this list will help you. eSports are fast-growing, and it is an industry to build a lucrative career.

If you want to do that, you will have to go from an eSports hobbyist to an acclaimed professional. One of the easiest ways to become great at something is to learn from someone who has become great at it. At Gamercraft, we have coaches that can help you reach great heights in the world of esports. Reach out to us and let us guide you to greatness!

Last Update on 08/06/19: Added new elements including scholarships details by Quentin Rosso


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